Vampires and Mermaids. Two sides. Good and evil, Both have the same origins. Locked in a neverending battle.

This is my first movella so tell me what you think.


1. Introduction

In this world there are beautiful places, beautiful creatures but where there is light there must be shadow.

Deep in an uninhabited forest is a lake, the lake lies in the crater of an extinct volcano, sitting there like an eye in a socket. Trees hang over the lip of the crater, giants watching over the perfectly circular lake, it's waters shining with a turquoise glow.

In the dead centre of the lake a boat floats, rocking with the waves but still staying in the centre, held there by an unknown force. A tendril of mist snakes out from under the boat and rapidly covers the whole lake. Suddenly a glint of green flashes through the mist, when it clears, the boat is gone.

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