Vampires and Mermaids. Two sides. Good and evil, Both have the same origins. Locked in a neverending battle.

This is my first movella so tell me what you think.


2. Darren

“We’re not going any further!” the stocky, bearded man - leader of the party - said, determination in his eyes

“That’s fine by me,” we were already at the foot of the mountain. I stared at it, the tree covered slope reaching up above us, trying to touch the clouds. It looked so beautiful, so calm, so surreal.

“I don’t know why you want to go there,” the gruff voice pulled me out of my trance “but let me tell you this, bad stories surround that place and I won’t go there to pick up your carcass!”

 “Don’t worry; there is nothing to those stories, that’s all they are - stories” I knew I was trying to convince myself as much as anyone else but I have to prove the stories are untrue.

I started the climb to the top, the nearer I got the more by body trembled ‘stay still!’ My mind knew there was nothing to be afraid of but somehow my body wasn’t convinced. Finally I reached the top, and looked down.

The view took my breath away, rocks jutted out of the green grass covered crater walls. A few trees grew around the jewel of the mountain, a glittering turquoise lake. The haunted lake from what I have heard. Ha, I knew the stories were just stories; there is no way this place could be haunted.

With effort I started to move my legs forward, apparently my body still wasn’t sure it was safe. I placed my foot down on the slope.


My foot slipped, I went tumbling head over heels into the crater and I would have kept on falling down straight into the lake if the tree hadn’t been there. I slammed into it, halting my fall but winding me in the process.

I had to lie there for a while breathing heavily. Finally I managed to stumble to my feet thinking “this is a death trap.” I looked up and glanced around, if it is possible the lake looked even more beautiful close up. The colours seemed to positively glow and glitter in the sunlight.

A boat was tied up at the edge of the lake, it was a small rowing boat, the ores layed out neatly in the middle.

I stepped into it. Gentle waves lapped against the side. Putting the ores into the rowlock at the side of the boat, I rowed out into the middle of the glittering lake.

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