mogs gos 2 twn

mogs gos 2 twn n its rly scry. n yh evry chapt is lyk an paeg. deel wth et.


3. mogs n th sneil n also wurm godes

"u shal nt pas" th sneil sed rlly angrly.

"omg i dint c u ther mr sneil" mogs crid as mogs bakd awei frm th wal.

"yh k. wel ur nt alowd 2 gu pst dis wal so yh" replid th sneil, sondng les angree.

bt mogs ws an rebil, evn tho sh ws an wurm stil. mogs hd an pln 2 gt pst th silee sneil.

"omg luk ovr ther mr sneil!" mogs yeld lowdly as sh kwikly crawld ovr th wal.

"omg wat" sed th sneil as he lukd arond rlly confsd bcos he cldnt c enythng tht ws lyk 'omg'.

mogs ignord hem n kept gong. bt thn  th sneil saw mogs. sh ws rlly scrd nw. thn th sneil ws lyk

"omg u wurm how dar u il rek u m8" as he begn 2 slwly mak hes wey 2 th wal. bt he ws rlly slw. mogs cld eesily gt awey. n so sh kpt crwlng ntil sh ws ovr th wal. wt sh sw ws amazng. thr ws shinee tres n glittry flowrs. et ws an majikal plaes. mogs gaspd. et ws su burtiful tht sh begn 2 cri. thn sh remembrd. shi hd 2 revrs th curs pt on hr bcos sh ws an wurm. n sh wsnt ment 2 b a wurm bcos sh ws an mogl.thn sh sw smthng. sh wiggld ovr 2 et. et ws nise. et ws an persn bt et ws lyk rlly bright n light n lyk yh. su mogs wnt 2 et n 2 hr srpris et ws th wurm godes. mogs wnt ovr 2 hr n ws lyk,

"omg hai" n thn th godes ws lyk

"yo pls" n thn mogs ws lyk

"omg cn u lyk gt rid of mi curs bcos lyk om nt ment 2 b a wurm" bt th godes ws lyk

"lel nu". dis mad mogs angree. mogs slapd th wurm godes. th wurm godes dint lyk tht.

"NAOW OM ANGREE!" scremd th wurm godes. thn sh usd hr wum majik 2 mak mogs in2 an rlly fat wurm. mogs crid. and crid. and crid.

"omg y u do dis" mogs sed

"bcos u suk" replid th wurm godes. thn mogs ranned awey.

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