mogs gos 2 twn

mogs gos 2 twn n its rly scry. n yh evry chapt is lyk an paeg. deel wth et.


2. mogs gos 2 twn

mogs closd th dor behnd hr n wnt on hr wey 2 twn. bt on hr wey 2 twn she sw a wurm wigling along n it scrd hr. she scremd n the wurm ran awey. bt wt mogs dint know ws tht th wurm cursd hr... she continud on hr wey 2 twn bt sudnly she trns in2 a wurm. she dsnt laik ths su she stmps hr fut n ses angrilee ' y mi om jst a moggle pls gd sav mi sol ' bt gd dsnt car. su mogs jst wigls 2 twn cz she dsnt no wt els 2 du. as she wigld a ppl kpt nerly stepng on hr. she ws rly scred n hr wurmy hart startd 2 beet fstr. hr eys gt bigr n she crld up in a wurmy bal. she fel aslep bt lukly no1 stepd on hr. wen she wok up ther wer no ppl n it ws rly drk. she relizd tht she ws l8 4 meting hr frends bt she new she had 2 get hom or get somwer tht she wnt di cz mogs dint wnt 2 di nt heer nt nw nt aftr srvivng beng a wurm. mogs ws rly lst tho cz she ws rly smll comprd 2 th siz she usd 2 bi su she dint no wich wey 2 go su she jst went frwrd. mogs travild untl mogs reechd a wal wer she cld go no frthr.

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