Psalm 23

I dedicate this to Spencer Schulz and his family. For Spencer because the words are true from him. For his family, as they grieve and hurt. But know this and remember, God loves you and he will ALWAYS be there.


1. .

I keep thinking….


“And we will be safe in His arms.”




How precious are those words

the warmth in them captivates me

i am no longer lost

but indeed found


No longer to I worry

for all the sorrow in this world



I am safe in His arms





some don’t always feel that

they slip the rope

perhaps don’t seem to care

and fall, hard into despair.


However, through all the pain

every tear that pools from our eyes


HE is still there





As a Christian i have hope

Knowing that once I say goodbye

it will be an eternity of  hellos from God

For He  so loved me


The hard ache shall remain

but the faith will burn on


Sadness will not cover me for long

Because….. I am SAFE in HIS arms. 







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