Is My Life Worth It?

Melody is a 15 year old girl from San Francico, California. She is madly in love with a boy named Cody. She met Cody when she was 9 years old and every since then she loved him. They decide to get together. They've been together for 6 wonderful years. Will they start being unfaithful now? With new challenges this couples just might break!


3. Me and Lorie Partners...No Way

     Melody was some how at Cody's house when she woke up. When she opened her eyes it was kind of blurry but she could still tell Cody was staring into her eyes. "What am I doing at your house" Asked Melody. "Well I could see into your window that your dad was hitting you." Said Cody. "Oh well I want to leave because you made me upset" Said Melody. "Your not going home so..." He said. "Whatever" Melody said. "Are you thirty or hungry?" Asked Cody. "Yea I'm hungry I-I-I mean no thanks, I'm fine. "Your running a fever and you look really pale." Cody said worriedly "Are you ok?" Asked Cody. Melody began to throw up, she couldn't stop throwing up. Melody blacked out once again. This time when she woke up, she was in the hospital. "Are you ok?" Asked Cody. "Yea but what happened?" Replied Melody. "The Doctor Mark said that you were bleeding internally." Cody Said. "Maybe my dad kicked me TOO hard in the stomach this time." Said Melody. "Yea that's why your not going back home." Cody said, "Think about it I have plenty of money lets buy our own house."-----Couple days later Melody was back at school. She was in third period and the teacher announced that they had to do a science project, but they had to do it with a partner and unlucky enough Melody was partnered up with Lorie. Lorie was just as surprised as Melody.----Melody was walking to HER house.       While Melody was busy cooking she heard a knock on the door. "I wonder who that could be?" Said Melody. As Melody got Closer and closer he could see through the glass windows that it was her father. "CCOODDYY!!!!" Melody scream in fear. Cody could in her voice that something wasn't right. "Its alright I'm not here to harm you. "Get off my property!" Yelled Cody. Hours later they heard another knock they thought it was Melody's father again, but it was Lorie ready to do the science project.

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