Is My Life Worth It?

Melody is a 15 year old girl from San Francico, California. She is madly in love with a boy named Cody. She met Cody when she was 9 years old and every since then she loved him. They decide to get together. They've been together for 6 wonderful years. Will they start being unfaithful now? With new challenges this couples just might break!


5. Hospital Bound and Birthday and surprise

    When Melody woke up she was in the hospital. "Why do i keep waking up in different places?" Melody mumbled to herself. She look down and saw stitches in her arm. "Can someone please tell me what's going on?''. "Your alive?" She heard Cody's voice. "What am i doing here?" Asked Melody. "You overdosed on my pain killer pills." Cody said. "Oh, well you can leave now." Melody said "Since you never loved me anyways." "You cant be serious." Cody said. "Are you still talking to me?" Melody asked. "I have to go to school, i don't have time for this." Said Cody. "Oh so you can go see Lorie, fine by me my stuff is already out your house." Said Melody. Cody had stopped walking for a second then left. Melody felt fine and tried to leave the hospital. They wouldn't let her leave without her parents. Melody decided to just simple walk out and shockingly it worked. "Where do I go now?" Melody thought to herself. Melody decided to go home an rest for the day. She heard keys jingling and Cody walked in. She turned and ignored him, then began to cry. She didn't know why she was crying maybe because of her dad, maybe because Cody cheated, or maybe a little bit of both. Cody didn't know what to do. He decided to try to comfort her. "Today's your birthday cheer up." Cody. Melody nudged Cody from around her, "Your right." Melody said. "That doesn't make it okay to cheat though, but I forgive you." Melody jumped up and kissed Cody. Melody's family threw her a big sweet 16 party excluding her dad. She shared a romantic dance with Cody when the dance was over Cody got on one knee and said "Now that your 16 we can make our relationship stick." ''Will you marry me!" Cody said. "YES!" Melody said with tears in her eyes.

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