Is My Life Worth It?

Melody is a 15 year old girl from San Francico, California. She is madly in love with a boy named Cody. She met Cody when she was 9 years old and every since then she loved him. They decide to get together. They've been together for 6 wonderful years. Will they start being unfaithful now? With new challenges this couples just might break!


7. Hope

   Melody ran to her mothers house when she knocked on the door she was surprised to see her father with tears in his eyes and with his arms open for a hug, him and Melody both knew he was just putting on a show, she didn't really care so she went in for a hug because she started crying and she decided that she needed comforting. She went to her old room and started unpacking her things. When her mother got home from work she went strait to cooking dinner. Melody's mother didn't realize that she was back home so when she heard Melody's voice it startled her a little bit. "HEY MOM!" Melody yelled. "Oh HEY, what are you doing here? Rebecca, Melody's mother asked. "Just to think for a little while." Melody responded. "Oh, that's a nice ring, did Cody give it to you? Melody's mom asked. "Yea!." Melody responded, Melody stared down at the ring and started getting emotional all over again. "Oh whats wrong sweetie?, But before Melody answered her question there was a knock on the door. "I will get it!" Melody yelled loud enough so her mother and dad knew not to get up. Melody opened the door to find Cody standing there with flowers and chocolates. "I'm done Cody I cant do this anymore!" Melody said before Cody said anything, Melody took off his ring and nicely gave it back. "Please Melody don't do this." Cody said with teary eyes. "Cody I think it's time for you to leave." Melody said before closing the door to start to cry. She didn't want Cody to see that her like that....a mess. The next couple of days for Melody have been hard because it wasn't long before her dad turned turned abusive again but what was even worse for her was that she didn't wake up next to Cody. She missed him she wanted him back, but she knew she couldn't because she thought he would cheat on her again. She wanted to at least call him, but she didn't know what to say. She still thought she would want to call him so he wouldn't be left on a cliff hanger. She called Cody but he didn't answer so she decided that she would go to his house. She wore her strapless ruffle shirt with her high waist shorts and she decided that she would put on some white combat boots. When she finally made it to his house she knocked on the door. Cody opened the door he looked pretty tired. "Hi." Melody said. Cody waved and invited her inside. It looked like he hadn't cleaned in days. "Can we please put this behin.." Cody tried saying before Melody kissed him. 

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