~.The Same Way.~ (Harry & You) [Translated by author(Me)]

Hi! This is my novel of Harry:) It's 100% Original by me :D Please don't copy without my permission... My original novel it's in spanish and I transalted to english.
PS. If any word it's wrong sorry :)

Thanks! <3


1. ~."The Same Way".~ (Harry & You) Synopsis

~."The Same Way".~
(Harry & You)
Things happen for a reason, whether for good or for bad. When you least expect it, everything changes. Love .. A word that for many it means everything, and then turns like a blew in the wind. An ambitious guy, whimsical, and cold as ice, never imagined that would fall in love with someone, sweet, loving and with a big heart. They are almost the Ying and Yang, although it is difficult to believe, are made it for each other.
On one hand ____ Horan, a girl with fair skin, it had a beautiful brown hair was shiny, like her beautiful eyes, blue as the sky. No matter affectionate it can be but she can't not stand his brother, Niall, as his friends: Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis.
On the other hand, Harry Styles Niall Horan close friend, he's a rude guy, the typical womanizer, who All he cares it's the physique of the girls ...


Thanks for read!

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