Shadow dancer

Rachel is a Guardian Angel in her survival Camp, together with her twin brother she Gets medecin from the city.
Her older brother died in the zombie invasion but saves her in the woods Three years later, yet he has no memory of her ore his past life.


5. chapter 4

Chapter 4.

It was easier than I thought to get Alex home, Dad was really angry and then he wept, Jess said nothing but smiled, it was clearly an improvement. all loved Alex immediately.

Days passed and Alex remembered more and more, or he could recognize a lot of the camp and a lot of faces, and after a week he had found himself comfortable

and he went out whit us to find food and medicine. it was good to have him back. Isaac was still not quite right that we had him back, but he kept his opinions to himself.

"Rachel, can you pick up some jerry cans down the shed" asked dad, one evening, "yes, why not" I replied and walked over to the door, "I'll see you in a few minutes" I laughed and walked out.

I hated to go alone in the dark, all the shadows were alive. A sound was heard in the distance.

"Hello" I asked and beat my arms around myself, the same sound. The Alam signal made accessi and those who had evening shift grabbed their weapons and ran around looking for it earnestly.

"Rachel hurry in, there is someone in the camp" Lucas shouted from the watchtower. I nodded to him and ran in the direction I had come from. I did not see him before we came along, and I did not know where all the blood came from before the pain began, I looked up and saw the surprise in the boy's face. I put both my hands on the wound in my side, "Oh no," he muttered and supported me, he was slurred and I collapsed, I would have been lying on the ground if he had hold of my arm.

"Stay with me, is not that far yet," the voice sounded so distant and shook, "who are you" I asked, but it was not very much. "Be quiet, you'll need your strength to keep you alive"

replied the voice, the voice was dark and rusty, "we're here" said the voice, I tried to move me but it hurt so bad that I cried, "do not worry we just need you down and lie".

"No, where is Alex and Isaac" I mumbled, as he had placed me on the table, "still, you are badly hurt, you're not going to survive if you're not quiet," said the voice and took some tools up.

He moved the bottom of my T-shirt so he could see the wound, "it's pretty deep, but not more than I can handle, this is gonna hurt like hell," he said and pressed his hands against the wound to stop the bleeding.

I screamed and grabbed the edge of the table. When he let go of the wound and went to the box that stood on the table, I fainted again.

but I was not lucky enough to be away when he began to sew up the wound, when the needle went through my skin I woke up screaming again, I grabbed the edge of the table again and writhed in pain.

It took forever for him to get finish, tears ran down my cheeks as he packed the sew things away. "Hey, relax, the worst part is over and now it should only go in the right direction" He pulled a chair over to the table and sat down on it, "what's your name?" he asked, resting his head in his hand.

"Rachel," I whispered, "Hey Rachel, I'm Liam" he replied. "What were you doing in camp" I asked and ground teeth, "not now, you need some rest," he said, and spread a patchwork quilt over me.

"What were you doing in the camp," I asked again, "it's not your business, rest now," he said and rested his head in his hands again. "But" I did not get farther in my sentence before the pain spread along my side, I screamed again. "Oh shit" snarled Liam "the woundis bleeding again, maybe it was deeper than I thought".

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