Shadow dancer

Rachel is a Guardian Angel in her survival Camp, together with her twin brother she Gets medecin from the city.
Her older brother died in the zombie invasion but saves her in the woods Three years later, yet he has no memory of her ore his past life.


4. chapter 3

"Alex" I held my arms around his neck and i began to cry, he didden move a millimetre. "who are you and how do you know my name?" He asked and pushed me gently away.

I took my hands up to my mouth and gave a little moan from me, he did not know who I was. "it's me Rachel, I-im your little sister" i was so close to cry.

He just stod ther starring at me, why didden he give me a hug and told me that it's all was going to be okay, what was wrong whit my big brother, the one i always could trust.

"She have seen us we have to kill her Alex" a girl whit raven black hair came out of the bushes, she had a gun over her shoulder and a lot of small arms strapped on her hips and legs, now that I saw right at Alex he also had plenty of weapons strepped on him. "Just kill her, Alex. She knows to much" but Alex didden move a bit.

"Fine if you wont do it, then i have to" she snarled and turned her gun at me. "No stop Adrianna!" he shouted and threw himself between us.

"Alex your idiot what are you doing, she has seen us and therefore she must die," said Adrianna and tried to aim at me again, but Alex stood in the way. "I think she's telling the truth" he murmured.

"What do you think, Alex she can not possibly be your sister," said Adrianne stubbornly, "Alex move so I can kill her once and for all".

"You arnt touchin her" he screamed and pulled me protectively in to his chest.

"Alex stop being so childish and kill her so we can find the guardian angel we were sent out to find" she said.

Isaac, maybe they had been sent to kill Isaac. "Isaac" I muttered and pushed me away from Alex. "Isaac, where are you" I screamed.

"Get her to shut up she lead the wolves just against us" Adrianna twitched at my sudden yelling.

"Who is Isaac?" asked Alex. "He is my twin brother, your brother" i panick.

"if you are the one you say you are, then we have to get you some place safe" Alex took my hand, "No, not without Isaac" I shouted and tried to rip me off, "he is dead Rachel, he can not survive as long out here alone, it is incredible that you are still alive" shouted Alex.

"No, no, no. Isaac, Isaac" I screamed and struggled when Alex tried to pull me away. "Rachel" Isaac's voice sounded in the distance, it startled me and I started screaming his name again and again.

"He is out there, we've got to help him, Alex, he's your brother, your annoying little brother, you can not leave him now," I sobbed and tried to tear myself free from his iron grip.

"Rachel!" cried Isaac again, but more lost this time. "I beg you, help him" I cried.

Alex swore and began to call on Isaac, "Alex you should not try to come back, this is not escaping the boss, your is as good as dead" snarled Adrianna and disappeared the same way she came from.

"We've got to find Isaac" I shouted and started running, "Wait Rachel" Alex ran in front of me and I stopped, "I must ask you something," he said, "can it wait until we have found Isaac?" I asked, "of course" he answered, and together we ran further into the forrest while we called on Isaac.

"I'm here, Rachel, I'm here" we ran towards Isaac's voice, and a little later we ran into him, he let out a little "opfh" as if all the air went out of his lungs.

"Isaac!" I cried and put my arms around him, "Oh my god, Rachel, are you okay" his voice sounded shrill and residue-free.

"Well, I'm okay, how about you" I asked and examined his arms. "I'm fine, I thought I'd never see you again" he was also starting to cry now. Alex cleared his throat behind us.

"What" muttered Isaac and pushed me behind him, "you're dead, you can not be alive, Rachel,tell me that he is't real, that I see sins, he is dead" came Isaac. "It's Alex. Isaac, Alex is alive" I smiled.

"No he can't be alive, he died in my arms, I buried you, I ... I do not know what you are but you're not my brother, "said Isaac determined and pushed me further back," and you keep yourself from us".

"I do not even know who you are or what you say is true, all I can remember is that I woke up in the woods with a bunch of strangers around me and three years later I bump into your sister" Alex shouted at us.

"This is Alex, we've got to get him back to camp, father will cry and jess will, yes I think she will have a heart attack" I said and walked over to take Alex hand, "who is jess" he asked at gave my hand a terminal.

"She is a bit of a grandmother because she always looked after os when mom and dad were on patrol, she loved us and when you died she pulled into herself, she has not talked to us since" I replied sadly.

"But what would you ask before we found Isaac" I asked and looked up to my big brother. "Uh yes, um I know your face from a memory I can not remember" he looked at the ground. "No wonder we have spent our whole lives together, you've only been dead for three years," I teased and pulled him over to Isaac, "now say sorry to each other, for god's sake your brothers" i said.

"I'm sorry" they chanted, "well now give each other a hug" I said determined. They gave each other a quick hug and looked apologetically at me. "It was good, where are you talented" I teased.

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