Shadow dancer

Rachel is a Guardian Angel in her survival Camp, together with her twin brother she Gets medecin from the city.
Her older brother died in the zombie invasion but saves her in the woods Three years later, yet he has no memory of her ore his past life.


3. chapter 2

The city was a mess, it was pure ruin, it was like getting stabbed by a knife through the heart just to see it. "It is so sad, we have been here so many times but it hits me hard anyway" I lookt around.

"And it's not even a lie" whispered Isaac and turned around himself. I was about to cry out all my anger.

"How did all this happening?" I asked Isaac. "Dad did not tell you that?" he said puzzled. "No, did he tell you" I asked, "yes" he replied and took his gun out, "can you hear anything?" He asked and listened again. "No I do not think" I answered and listened.

there was a burst from a small corner shop. I took my guns out and directed them towards the kiosk. a high moans was heard from inside. "Sssh" shushed Isaac and crept towards the kiosk.

more burst came from within and a wolf came out of the smashed window. I backed away and turned my guns on it, it was a woman in her mid twenties, she was not as rotten as the other, apparently new.

"Back slowly towards the park and as soon as you get into it, you run into the woods and you do not stop running, I'm right behind you, understand" whispered Isaac and began to back towards the park.

I nodded and followed his orders, "well, then run" he whispered as I entered the park's grass. I started to run towards the forest and listened to Isaac's footsteps.

it was getting dark and dense tree crowns made it quite dark. "Isaac" I shouted questioning, no answer. I stopped and turned around, he was not there. "Isaac" I shouted, shots sounded in the distance.

"Isaac" i screamt my brothers name again and again. I could hear him scream my name to but I did not know were the sound came from, i was lost, i knew that my twin brother was out ther some place all alone, just waiting for the wolfs to find him ore me.

I began to cry, i coulden stop, i just whantet to be home in the camp whit Isaac by my side, just traning weil we teased each other, like we used to.

"Isaac were are you!" I shouted through the tears and sobbing, no response, he did not answar.

For the frist time in my life i was really afraid, what if i never did see Isaac again. I began to run and i wouden stop until i did find Isaac, i coulden just let him die without fighting for him, he was the only brother i had left and i wouden let death take him.

"Isaac, were are you, Isaac," i screamt his name until my voice only was a wispering in the air.

"Isaac dont you dare leave me now" i screamt at the emty forrest.

"Hallo, you ther, girl, what the hell are you yellingn for " a male voice ran behinde me,

"dont you know that its dangerous out here, the forrest is full of wolfs and other things"

I turned around ond look up in the mands face, i let out a little scream when I saw who it was.

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