Shadow dancer

Rachel is a Guardian Angel in her survival Camp, together with her twin brother she Gets medecin from the city.
Her older brother died in the zombie invasion but saves her in the woods Three years later, yet he has no memory of her ore his past life.


2. chapter 1

"Dad we're in the woods if you need anything," said Isaac and took his gun over his shoulder, "beware" Dad said. "We always are," I replied and took my guns and put it in their holsters. "I know" He kissed me on the head and chatted Isaac on the shoulder, "make sure you both have ten fingers when you get home".

"We promise, by the way, we'll take a trip into town and checks for medicine" said Isaac and walked out the door. "In care of that, all the wolves live there," said dad seriously.

"I dont let him out of sight and keep him from danger" I smiled and went after Isaac, I found him at the gate, he was standing and talking to lucas, it was all shown on security plans.

"Hey guys" I laughed, "hey Rachel" said Lucas, "are you two looking for the dead". I nodded and looked at Isaac. "Well are we rady" Isaac asked and directed his gun. "You can just believe that" i said.

"Well come on", Lucas opend the gate and waved to us as we walked, I waved back and pushed to Isaac for fun.

"He's kinda cute" I said and smiled, "You dare to say it again, I know Lucas and he's not your type" said Isaac cold, "and you know my type" snarled I angrily, "yes" he answered.

"Your an idiot" I said and walked faster. "Hey do not be mad just because I will protect you from that idiot," he said and grabbed my shoulder.

"I'm not angry, I'm just nervous, ther has not been so much wolf activity in the city as there is now, not since the invasion, there is something wrong with them "I said and looked at my hands.

"I know and I am also worried, but we do not have time to think about it now, the camp is dying, we are less and less," said Isaac and shuddered.

"We must do something" I cried and looked into his eyes, "so do we, we get food and medicine, we keep the wolves out here below. We can not help Rachel, it's impossible" he shouted at me.

I was close to tears, humanity was dying, "stop thinking about what we can not do, think of what we can do" said Isaac and pulled me into a bear hug.

"How long have we got left," I asked, "Rachel I" he said but I interrupted him, "how long Isaac!". "Two years maybe three" he replied quietly. My heart skipt a beat, three years was not very long time.

"Come, we must get hold of the medicine before it gets dark, or we sleep outside and I do not know about you, but I'd rather sleep at home," he said, I shuddered at the thought of sleeping outside.

"Let's go, remember that we get canned corn tonight " I said, "canned corn, I can hardly wait," he said and cormorants a grimace. I chuckled and headed for the city.

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