Remeber me


2. chapter 1

3 years ago

"Justin I love you and I've loved you since 8th grade" I said. " uhh I don't know what to say, sorry but I can't say the same to you. I'm really sorry" he said. At that moment I just wanted to die because my true love doesn't love me.

Justin's pov

I saw y/n cry and I felt so bad for hurting her but I can't help that I don't feel the same about her

Y/n's pov

I started to run and I could hear Justin call my name but I didn't care anymore.

3 years later

I was sitting on the couch in the living room watching tv. I switched to E-news and they were talking about Justin bieber. When I heard that name i started to listen carefully.

" The teen popstar Justin bieber were spotted with Selena Gomez on the beach, it looks like they are hooking up again".

I turned the tv off because I didn't want to hear anything about him. At that moment my phone started ringing and it was my manager Kelly. If you wonder why I have a manager it is because I'm a singer and a model now, finally my dreams came true. (Convo k=kelly)

Y/n-" hello"

K-" hi y/n, what are you doing?"

Y/n-"nothing just sitting on the couch, why?"

K-"good cause I have a job for you in two hours"

Y/n-" yey is it a photo shot?"

K-" yeah and it is a Victoria secret photo shot girl"

Y/n-" OMG I'm so happy I love Victoria secret. I will be done in 20 minutes so I will be there in about one hour"

K-" ok but don't be late"

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