A Magicians Melody: An aqua dragon

This story is based on a female magician by the name or melody. She explores caves and hunts for survival


5. The Market Place

A went to my tower to lie down. It’s been and tiring couple of days. Pit lied on the bed, eyes wide open. It was as if he was questioning me. I decided I should walk to the market, to get stuff for Pit. Plus it would give me some time to think about those scrolls I received the other day. Pit didn’t want to come this time. He seemed grumpy and tired. I looked around the market but nothing was really fresh. I saw a couple of pears that where fresh, but that’s it. I saw seave, another magician like me. Still in training and so forth. “ hey! “ I called. “ hey! “ he returned the conversation was great. I told about the scrolls. “ you should come over and have a look at them. “ I said.

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