A Magicians Melody: An aqua dragon

This story is based on a female magician by the name or melody. She explores caves and hunts for survival


7. The legend of Horla May

Seave was trying his hardest to keep the devil. The king and his servants where retreating the village that once lived. It was sad to see this happen to my friends and the village people. I pulled out my scrolls whilst taking cover. I found another hand written one that could make the earth rise right underneath your feet. And a ancient one that could take something down. They where the only ones that could damage anything. I tried the ancient one first, but he was to strong for my spell I cast. Then I thought of a plan. I used the hand written one first then the ancient one second. When he fell on his bake I tried to stab him. But I went right through him. I forgot he was made out of sparks. I looked for another scroll, but he was about to brake my spell soon so i had to hurry. I found one that could levitate chunks of dirt. That's when the idea hit me! The devil could only feel land and objects! But not humans. So I picked up a massive chunk of land, and smash on the devils chest! He screamed and shouted for me to stop. But it was to late. He exploded and his sparks went up in the sky and exploded again for the second time. It looked like fire works. Everyone came out of hiding and children came out in joy and cheer my name. I was now the legend of Horla May...

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