I stand over a blood filled battlefield holding on to my plasma rifle, tears roll down my cheek as I pick up the dog tags of the people I care about. Stupid Hunger Games the movie and novel I once loved has turned into a reality. Feels like years ago that we were selected to enter this stupid virtual world. "Soldier! Get moving we can only leave if we win the PvP!" ByeBye01 screams into my ear.


1. Virtual Reality

I awaken knowing of today's event, the hunger games has become a reality. I had been given a letter saying I was to be part of the first ever PvP. I walk downstairs and my brother and parents smile giving me hugs and kisses, I try to remain strong and manage. My parents cook me a big nice breakfast knowing this may be my last one, I sit down and eat the food trying to remain calm. Just the though of over five thousand people joining this game to fight for their survival, its something I usually do on my virti-console. The year 2122 has become a year of death many obstacles were over come with side effects, many people died in wars and now futuristic soldiers are protecting us. I finish breakfast and put my plate in the sink but my mom washes it knowing that I should have my final moments in comfort.

I sit on the couch and play Galactic Conquest the game I was about to enter. I try to get some practice in before I have to leave this world and join virtual reality. After about half an hour the time had come my wrist band began to glow. A tear drips from my eye and falls onto my shirt I stand up and my family runs over and we have a big group hug. As they hug me they lose grip as I disolve into the other world.

In this new universe a giant sign with over ten isle's underneath it flashes in my face, I look at the guards."Kid you have the blue wrist band, go to the blue isle and register yourself and your avatar to join the world," I nod and feel a slight pain in my stomach. Knowing it's me being nervous and probably paranoid I enter the line and wait for fifteen minutes until I finally get to the front of the line. My clothes are now neon blue and a ballistic vest, shin guards and arm guards are on my body. I look down at my white high-tops with neon blue lines and laces, my black skinny jeans have blue neon lines on them and my tee-shirt has also got blue neon lines on it, my hands have neon blue fingerless gloves on them. I am teleported to the game world and my hair blows everywhere, I fix my hair and blow a loose light brown hair from my eye. As I step from the pedestal a voice says to me "Welcome Tai Dillinger, what will your gamer ID be?" I look around and then answer, "I guess...SoulReaper?" the voice responds with a "yes," I nod at the air and walk forward. A giant door leads to a ruined city and to the left is the armory. I walk over and pick up a plasma rifle and a Pulse shotgun, as a secondary I pick up a laser pistol.

I breath in and take a step into the world joining blue team in their struggle to surive. I grab the plasma rifle off my back and run through a ruined narrow hallway, its dark and the walls feel like they close in upon me. I aim down the sight of my gun and watch a red team gamer run past a bunch of rubble and I take a single shot which misses, I take a second shot which clips his leg. I go all out and hold down the trigger bouncing back from the recoil, I hold the gun as steady as I can and the gamer falls to the ground. Knowing I just took the life of an actual kid I feel sad, but the adrenaline goes to my brain and I run to cover making my first kill.

"SoulReaper, left flank," says a short asian kid about my age. I turn to the left and shoot a purple team gamer.
"Thanks kid!" I yell leaning out of cover as my eyes dart across the battle field.

"Meet me at the garage across the street," the kid yells running from cover killing three other gamers from red team. I move up to a broken pillar and crouch behind it, blindfiring at the enemies in front. I look up and go to shoot another purple gamer but my gun clicks and I go back into cover to reload. I pull out a clip and pull another from my holester around my waist, then I finally put the next clip into the chamber and pull back on the operating rod. I aim the sight at the enemies head and squeeze the trigger tight releasing straight away, the plasma bullet pierces through the gamers head and he hits the floor with impact.

Most of blue and green had gotten out of the starting point which was a complete warzone. I decide it is now or never and bolt across the street straight into the garage knocking the pole over and the garage door behind me slams shut. Light shines in through the skylight but nothing else. The kid waits at the corner with two others a girl my age who has tanned skin and is wearing makeup, her hair is brown and she has hazel eyes. She wears a pink tank top and has tight jeans she wears black high-tops and has pink laces. The other is a boy he has green eyes, black hair and wears a tracksuit outfit. I sling the rifle over my shoulder and grab the pulse shotgun instead, I turn off the safety lock and we run out guns blazing.

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