I stand over a blood filled battlefield holding on to my plasma rifle, tears roll down my cheek as I pick up the dog tags of the people I care about. Stupid Hunger Games the movie and novel I once loved has turned into a reality. Feels like years ago that we were selected to enter this stupid virtual world. "Soldier! Get moving we can only leave if we win the PvP!" ByeBye01 screams into my ear.


6. Search And Rescue

I wait outside the walls of a over covered city, no one can get in unless they were a decent gamer. I hold my knife and watch as a pink and green team gamer guard the entry way with heavy weaponary. I get ready for entry leaning in against a wall controlling my breath and maintaining my heart rate.

"You wait here, I'll be in and out," I say.

"I know the place inside out...I am going with you," she says persistantly. I look at her and think it through then nod. We crouch and move along the wall slowly approaching the targets, I take cover behind a food crate as their flashlight lights the darkness. The light fades away and I sneak up behind them stabbing them both in the back of the chest and letting the tip of my blade end their life as it pierces their heart. I look around the courtyard and notice a female figure get pushed to the ground, I look closely and realise that she was wearing Ellen's clothes. I turn around looking at Kristine "You lied why?" she looks around and I attempt to punch her but she sweeps me off my feet and I hit the floor.

"I lied because I had to go get your friends, then I had to bring you but didn't have the time so I thought I could trick you into coming here," she holds her pistol pointed at me.

"You dirty little bitch, when I'm done here I am going to gut you like a-" she kicks me in the side.

"Shut up whore...get up and go over there to your friends."

"Fuck you," I say getting up and walking towards the others. I think of turning around and stabbing her but she has a gun to my head and I don't. I approach my friends and we smile at each other "Didn't think we would be meeting this way," I say smiling. God walks through the middle and smirks at us after a few seconds he clicks and I feel a prick in the back of my head followed by darkness.

I awaken with the rest of the group in a cell it is dark and has no room, I feel Ellen and Michael pushed against me. I look around trying to find a way out I look back at the group and ByeBye01 looks at me pulling a knife from his holster.

"You don't have to do this," I say.

"No, look over their on the table is your guns Tai. If I start the guards they will pull me out for execution, I'll hold them off and you can make a run for the backdoor," he says standing up and smacking on the bars. I salute him and stand up the others follow my lead, he stabs one of the guards that approaches and they open the cell door. I charge out and grab the shotgun throwing Michael the rifle and the pistol to Ellen, she turns and shoots a guard in the head throwing me the pistol and picking up his assault rifle. Ellen and Michael run out the backdoor calling for me as I shoot the guards trying to save ByeBye01, but more guards come pouring in the front door and I slowly back away until I end up outside. I watch as if I was imprisoned in time as the door slowly closed and ByeBye01 stabs multiple guards trying to defend himself.

We run for the hole in the wall and escape. I look back over my shoulder as we run and see Kristine and God followed by half a dozen enemies. I look forward and keep running Michael leads and Ellen follows, I hear a gunshot and Ellen falls to the floor blood squirts from her stomach. I slide to a stop and Michael hides behind a pile of rubble, I roll Ellen on to her back and look at her trembling lips. She looks up at me her hair up in a short pony tail. I watch holding her hand as Michael holds a gun up at the enemies. Blood drips down her perfect curvy body, the blood stains her clothes as I wipe the tears from her eyes as she breathes heavily for air. I lean in over her and give her a kiss on the forehead, a tear drops from my eye and lands on her cheek she lets out a small faint smile. I try holding a straight face watching her remembering the first time we kissed the way she loved. She was amazing and now she is going to be joining the otherside. " deserve to win," she says coughing as blood drips from her mouth. I look up and watch as God turns around with the army and Kristine stands still. "I could of stopped this...I could of but I didn't that day when I was captured you could of run and took the shot with your sniper," I say wiping away my tears as I hold her cold hand. Kristine slowly walks over and drops to her knees looking up at me with tears welling in her eyes.

"I am so sorry it's all my fault I did all this so I could live while you lost your life," I look up at her and frown.

"You are not forgiven...I loved her she was the one thing I was fighting for, you don't get to be sorry," I say slowly pulling my pistol from the holster.

"I-I have a respawn chip, stick it in the slot on her wristband and we should find her fully healed at the last death point which isn't populated. Lucky for you I have the only two respawn chips left out of the three. If I shoot her and Michael shoots you then you will respawn in each others position...but you are sacrificing the spawn chip which could be handy against God," she says wiping away her tears.

"Do it," I say turning to Michael, they count down and I place the chip in the slot on my wrist then Ellen's. The number one is said and the sound of a gunshot is heard followed by darkness. I open my eyes and push myself up looking at Ellen we stare at each other and then she looks away. I walk up to Ellen and wrap my arms around her she kisses me, she bites my lip playfully but gentle and I slip her the tongue. I release her and turn back to the others.

"So what now?" I say.

"We go, God will be taking shots at us any minute now," Kristine says.

"You stay," I say.

"Why?" Kristine says.

"How can I trust you?" I say flicking my head in her direction.

"I am past that God is behind me. I can help you," she answers.

"How do I know you don't have explosives strapped to you like last time?" I say pointing at her top.

"Want proof look," she pulls her top up and her bra shows she has a flat stomach and nothing is strapped to her.

"And if you turn on me like last time?" I say.

"I'll suck you dick If I have to can we go before we die?" she says persistantly.

"Alright, we go towards the highway we can travel faster that way," I say brushing past Kristine.

We walk off towards the forest and Michael remains quiet until us two walk side by side. Ellen and Kristine talk as we walk and I can't help but smile at the two beautiful girls.

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