I stand over a blood filled battlefield holding on to my plasma rifle, tears roll down my cheek as I pick up the dog tags of the people I care about. Stupid Hunger Games the movie and novel I once loved has turned into a reality. Feels like years ago that we were selected to enter this stupid virtual world. "Soldier! Get moving we can only leave if we win the PvP!" ByeBye01 screams into my ear.


3. Rest At Last

We set up a camp underneath the highway, Michael, Ellen and two others stand around a fire as do I. Darkness begins to close around us and I just think about what might be lurking in the shadows. I push the button on my wrist band as for everyone else did and the neon color turns off. I can barely see the lights of whatever is left of yellow as they walk around in small groups of two or three people.
"So SoulReaper and Angel67 you are going to level up right?" says a tall lanky boy with dark blonde short hair.

"Uh yeah we were...waiting for the right time," Ellen says fixing her hair.

"Ok...just us that green button on the wrist band, it's kind of like the controller. You can use it to level up check stats like your perks" the boy says.

"Ok cool thanks, uh..." I look at the boy. "It's ByeBye01 and this is my brother TrickShotz," I nod and smile. I look at Michael with his short black hair, his fringe covers his brown eyes. I look down at the cold hard floor and look at the wrist band, I push down the green button and a holo screen pops up in my face. "Wow" I say. With my two skill points I spend them on armor and health upgrades. The screen disappears and I begin to flash blue and then feel a light pain go from my feet up. Ellen looks at me and I know she is going through the same feeings.

"Smart choice SoulReaper you too Angel67, listen I was monitering you guys back there at the need to improve. Angel67 you are too scared of death but you're ruthless in combat, your fit but don't apply it and most importantly weak. You have a chance to survive this shit but you will be squashed like a bug your too scared, people can walk all over you and break you if tortured," TrickShotz says playing with his dark curly hair.

"Ok I guess it's just constructive criticism," Ellen says wiping her eyes.

"DemonHunter99 you are perfectly fine...but you will die if you keep being careless and noisy," TrickShotz says.

"Thank you sir?" Michael says rolling his eyes.

" have the potential to be a surviving candidate. The problem is you are not man enough, you are not ruthless and will defend a dying gamer, you let death scare you and hate to kill. Grow some balls and then you may just make it out," TrickShotz says.

"But you didn't say the good things?" I ask.

"You are fit and can carry many weapons, you are strong-willed and loyal to have an amazing shot and have the charisma to lead many to victory as well as safety. Don't let fear rule your life," TrickShotz says looking directly into my eyes.

"Thanks," I say with a smile that I try hiding.

After taking shifts on look out it is finally me and Ellen's turn to sleep. We lay on the grass and drift off to sleep facing each other. Early in the morning a voice calls out to the survivors, "Gamer's this is the second day of your life's in the game. Remember this is being recorded live to people everywhere, you are the stars and you will be happy to hear the announcment's we have for you. Green and Pink are the most stable teams but Blue is shortly behind, yellow has been eliminated by Blue and White has been obliterated by Green. The top ten ranked players tenth from red is Bulletproof with ninety-eight kills, in nineth from Blue is Angel67 with one-hundred and two, in eighth from Blue is ByeBye01 with one-hundred and five kills. We have in seventh place from pink DeadlyChick with one-hundred and twelve kills, in sixth we have from Blue SoulReaper with one-hundred and twenty-seven. In fifth from Blue is DemonHunter99 with one-hundred and thirty kills, in fourth from Green is PandaBomber with one-hundred and thirty-five kills, in third from Green is ShotYou with one-hundred and forty-one kills. We have from Pink in second place HardcoreGamingGirl with one-hundred and fifty-seven kills. This leaves us in first with a dead-lock of a Green and Blue gamer...these two gamers are on one-hundred and eighty-nine kills, TrickShotz and God. Now remember fight or die."

We all look at each other and give each other high fives knowing we could win. A group of orange team have made a headquarters a few yards from our camp, we watch them and notice another bunch of Blue team getting ready to raid them. We wait guns handy and suddenly hear a loud bang, the Blue's run at the Orange and they begin to fight. I look at the others and we run at the battle shooting who ever we can. I shoot knowing that we are being ranked and try to kill most the people, the Orange team begin to retreat leaving a resistance behind. Suddenly the ground begins to shake and we fall to the floor, this was clearly to make the show more interesting and they decided a earthquake would help. After several minutes the ground stops shaking and I regain balance and stand up on my two feet continuing to shoot enemies. "PETER!" yells ByeBye01 running out of cover and across the battlefield. Ellen and Michael flick their head in the direction of TrickShotz who is running all the way up to the highway. I shoot a few gamers who get close and notice some dying from behind, I scout around and notice three green team gamers turrenting and sniping down the Orange and Blue team gamer's. ByeBye01 follows TrickShotz towards the Green team enemies.

"Michael! Ellen! I am going for TrickShotz do not move and stay in cover," I yell.

"Alright be careful," Michael yells. "Yeah don't get killed," Ellen yells.

"I won't," I say. I think about TrickShotz saying "Don't let fear rule your life..." I take a deep breath and run. I keep a knife in my left hand and my pistol in the right, a enemy jumps out of cover and I shove my knife in him and quickly remove it so I can run without stopping. I stop slipping onto the floor and crawl back as a grenade explodes in front of me. I run around the side and shoot the enemy throwing grenades, two enemies reload in front of me and I shoot them both in the head. I reload the gun in cover and then continue running, a bullet passes me from behind. I turn around and one of the people I thought I shot in the head had been alive and tried to kill me, I turn around and shoot a full clip into his chest. I spin around and continue running and after a minute or so catch up to TrickShotz and ByeBye01.

"What are we doing here!?" I say to TrickShotz.

"It's God and the other two in the top ten, we have to deal with them and NOW!..." TrickShotz says holding his gun to his chest.

"Why? What are you talking about?" I say taking a quick look at the three.

"I was sent here with my brother and girlfriend, she died because this asshole and his goons killed her...I saved my brother and I will not let him die, you promise you me he won't die?"

"Wait what are you...?" I say as he straps a c4 to his chest.

'These guys are trained professionals I know this because I was in the army with them...don't let my little brother die promise me," TrickShotz says.

"I promise."

"Angel67...DemonHunter99 meet us under the bridge...the camp if your unsure" TrickShotz wipes a tear from his eye. "Thank you know I don't regret a thing.

"Brother NO!" ByeBye01 cries as tears fall from his eye. I hold him back as he struggles to stop his brother. I tear drops from my nose and I hear the explosion. When I look over the barrier the bridge is broken and no sign of the enemies, the fighting finishes down the bottom and ByeBye01 runs off to the meeting point.

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