I stand over a blood filled battlefield holding on to my plasma rifle, tears roll down my cheek as I pick up the dog tags of the people I care about. Stupid Hunger Games the movie and novel I once loved has turned into a reality. Feels like years ago that we were selected to enter this stupid virtual world. "Soldier! Get moving we can only leave if we win the PvP!" ByeBye01 screams into my ear.


7. Ghosts

We had been hiding out in the forest for a few hours. We talked about how Green and Pink were not a force to be reckoned with, Orange was the only thing that stood in the way of us and the alliance. Thankfully Orange is conveniantly stupid and we had easily found that they went all the way back to the main spawn points. Luckily spawn had been a mile to the south and they had taken heavy casualties in their first battle with Blue. After a little rest we set out and reach the targets within the hours due to the excellent distance we make. I watch from a distance as the enemies actually enjoy themselves but that was clearly about to change, I look at the others with a smile knowing this could actually be done with stealth and technique. "Alright Ellen and Michael you two keep this entrance covered seeing that is the only entrance if anything goes wrong you will have the upper hand. Kristine you use the sniper to cover me while I stealth kill them from the inside," I say and they nod getting into position.

I take the knife from my holster and keep my pistol somewhere close in case I need to reach for it during a sticky situation. The first enemy leans against a wall humming a tune I feel rain spit on me and it begins to thunder, this must have been a stunt by the producers. I stab the enemy and he falls to the ground and out of sight. I crawl further into the camp watching carefully so no one can get the jump on me, I look behind me and two guards begin walking my way. Thunder strikes and I turn back noticing both the guards on the floor I look around and see Kristine in her position on top of the guard tower. I continue on down the sidewalk watching even more carefully. As I turn the corner I embed my knife into a enemies forehead and he falls to the floor I move him into a bush and notce in a crate next to him six explosives and a remote to detonate them. I stick a c4 to the wall of the building in front of me and move along planting one on every building and kill the guards roaming around outside buildings. "Everyone meet outside at the ditch," I say sneaking across the small city like area. I arrive at the ditch last and watch the city as I press the button, the city collapses down and the Orange no long seize to exist.

I look at the others who stand still and begin to laugh at the sight of the city, it is hard to believe that the city had been our first spawn point. I turn walking away as the others follow. The rain drips down my face and I feel a sense of accomplishment, the world seems to be getting more quiet and all that seems left is Blue, Pink and Green team. But just thinking about the challenge to come makes fear run back into my life and I feel less enthusiastic to act like a leader or even tell blue of our accomplishment's and the battle to come. As we walk I look around for a safer route or vehicle to drive so we can have better chance at arriving at Blue's base. I almost fall from my dizziness which is a side effect of dehydration I look at the other's who all look like they are also dehydrated. I hear someone fall to the floor and I turn to see Kristine on her knees her pants are all muddy now from the rain mixing in with the soil. I turn back and put my hand out she looks up at me and her eyes bring me back to that day when she first captured me when ByeBye01 was with us, she takes my hand and I pull her up but she falls back down as do I. I use the button on my wristband and look at the status tab it shows I have no status effects, "What the hell we aren't dehydrated...someone must have spiked us with something," I say hearing Michael and Ellen fall a little after me. I try to build the strength to roll onto my stomach to look at Ellen and Michael but only manage to roll onto my side. I look at Kristine who slowly drifts away as she lays on her side as well I look directly in front of me to see Ellen on her back and Michael on his stomach. I hear footsteps in the mud getting louder and closer slowly suddenly I feel a presence. A shoe steps in some mud in front of me and I feel the rain on my face the shoe kicks me in the stomach "You alive SoulReaper? Thought you were escaping me with that two timing slut Kristine and those two weak punks?" a voice says laughing. My eyes dart up at the man and it reveals to be God who now wears an eyepatch, his black hair is dirty and medium lengthed like mine he wears a dark red beanie. "Boy's take the friends leave SoulReaper here," God says dropping a bag. "The bag has food and water, I'll keep your friends fed and unharmed waiting for you to arrive at the camp...when you do there will be no distraction's," I put my hand out trying to grab hold of God but he pulls a syringe out of his pocket and sticks it into my arm. I begin to doze off "NO! Bring them back....bring them-bring them back..." I say closing my eyes.

I open my eyes and roll onto my back looking up at the sun, I squint from the brightness and slowly push myself up. My stomach growls and I pick the bag up off the ground pulling out a pear and orange I gobble it down and feel slightly refreshed, I tear the lid off the bottle and chug the water down in seconds I wipe my mouth and sling the bag over my should walking off towards the base camp for support from Blue team.

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