I stand over a blood filled battlefield holding on to my plasma rifle, tears roll down my cheek as I pick up the dog tags of the people I care about. Stupid Hunger Games the movie and novel I once loved has turned into a reality. Feels like years ago that we were selected to enter this stupid virtual world. "Soldier! Get moving we can only leave if we win the PvP!" ByeBye01 screams into my ear.


5. Busted

We get ready early in the morning to leave the greenhouse and get back in the action. The floor had been shaking all night and it was definatly not a tremor, I look out a tiny hole in the wall and look for something that is causing the earth tremors. I listen and can hear the sounds of vehicles, a jeep and car drive past. Carefully listening and watching a tank comes into sight. I stand up and walk backwards, "Hurry guys we need to move...NOW!" I say trying to keep my cool. Ellen walks out of the office and Michael and ByeBye01 walk out into the greenhouse main hall. I walk out and meet them waiting a few seconds for the noise to go by. The tank rams through the wall "What the fuck" I say running out of the room as the others follow. We run down the corridor and the sound of heavy breathing is heard through out the facility. The end of the corridor finally is in reach and I slam through the door using all my bodyweight. Orange team is awaiting us and they have put up cover for themselves but have given us enough cover to hold our position. I quickly look over my shoulder and the tank rolls straight past us then comes to a halt, the hatch opens and I pull the pin on a grenade and let it slip from my hand. The grenade lands in the hatch and a enemy jumps out right before the bomb goes off.

The battle rages for more than twenty minutes and we take down only a few enemies, our ammo is scarce and our chances are low. A grenade flies over the concrete barrier and I quickly pick it up and throw it back. The enemies bullets roar throughout the park, my ears ring from the sound of gunshots and I think of the consequences if I run out their gun blazing. Suddenly the gunshot's slow down and the screams of defeat were heard, the gunshots turn into a single pistol followed by a cry of pain. I turn the corner and my gun is pushed away falling from my grasp, a girl from pink thrust's her knee into my stomach and then jabs me in the face. The others spring from cover and a soft seductive voice is heard "Shoot and we all die," I try to hold my self up as blood drips from my nose and mouth. She holds a pistol to my head and gives me a flirty smile as soon as I look at her.

"Release him or I shoot," ByeBye01 says holding his gun up right.

"Do it and we all I said before," the girl says lifting her shirt to reveal explosives.

"How about we all just walk away from this and live to fight another day?" Michael says holstering his gun.

"How about no, you run away and I take this dashing gentleman with me?" she says pushing her body against mine.

"Get off him!" Ellen yells defensivly.

"Why are you people not running? Do you want to die!?!" she yells paranoid.

"Do as she says...stay low at operation water under the bridge, I will be there sooner or later" I say looking back over my shoulder at them. Ellen's eyes begin to well with tears and Michael wipes his eyes, they run away across a empty meadow towards the city, after a few minutes they disappear from sight. I turn back to the girl who smiles at me licking her red lips, her makeup is ridiculously caked on which actually makes her more attractive because it is done correctly. I try to stand straight and she whacks me across the head I waddle back and feel the blood drip from my head, I feel dizzy and try to stand straight slowly losing balance I fall to my knees and then onto my chest. I feel her hand on my back she rubs my back then rolls me over kneeling down over me. I look at her trying to see a clear picture of her. I try to keep my eyes open but give in to the pain.

I open my eyes to a blurry fog shrouding my vision. I slowly regain vision and the first thing I see is myself in the mirror, dried blood covers the lower right side of my face, my lip is busted. I close my eyes in exhaustion and try to inhale and exhale at a proper pace, suddenly I am in a pitch black room and cannot see anything. I open my eyes and realised I was unconcious my vision is regained after a few seconds and I blink at a rapid pace. The girl's face is right in front of me and she hasn't noticed I am awake, she dabs a cotton ball on my wounds and I gasp a little from the pain. She looks at me and smiles while wiping the blood from my face.

"What's going on? I need to get back to my friends..." I say in confusion.

"You cannot leave this is the safest place you can be at the moment, and your friends are fine...more than fine I got them out of this hell hole," she says looking at me as she wipes the blood. I notice her beautiful hazel green eyes and watch as she flicks her black medium lengthed hair out of her face.

"What do you mean?" I say biting my bottom lip in pain.

"Look I have been contacted in person by the so called God of this world, I had been in the top ten and I had started a recent alliance with green and pink. God had lost his team so I joined with him...he promised me we could leave together but I know he is lying. You on the other hand can help me survive we could get through this together. So I said if you let SoulReaper's friends leave this world I will capture him and bring him in for toture or form a secret alliance with you. He agreed and let them leave and I was on my way to camp for the toture but I heard that only Ellen had escaped this world Michael was held hostage and ByeBye01 had been killed," she says spraying on disinfectant.

"We got to go save Michael, I have to go save him. I don't know what I would do without him, his my friend," I say holding a straight face.

"I can't let you, but I won't stop you...I have to come though, maybe we can save him together and finish off the hardest gamer of all God," she says dropping the cotton ball on the floor.

"You keep saying god? He is dead TrickShotz killed him weeks ago," I say confused as I pull myself up.

"No TrickShotz killed his two lap dogs, if he was going for God his death was in vain. Oh and my names HardcoreGamingGirl but you can call me Kristine," she says helping me gain balance.

"That's a nice name...the names Tai...Tai Dillinger," I say wiping the dust off my shirt. We walk out of the small house and on to the street. Kristine points north-east and we begin walking guns handy.

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