Craving You

Miley talks to Bryan every week on Skype. He lives in Spain and she lives in Australia. They have never met before.
What happens when Bryan suddenly comes to Australia and finds Miley?
What will Miley think when Bryan is expecting to stay at Miley's place?
What will happen to their relationship?


1. unexpected news

I logged into Skype and looked to see if he was online. He was, and I smiled.

I clicked on his profile and saw his amazing profile picture, the one of him when he visited America. That's the one I like best.

I wrote 'hey' on his wall and he replied almost instantly.

A single 'hi' from him was all it took for my stomach to flip upside down.

Suddenly the skype call noise filled my room and I jumped. I pressed 'answer with video' and waited for his beautiful face to appear.

"Hey Miley," he said with a smirk. He was in his toliet and you could hear all the background noises. My eyes widened and I turned down the volume, the noise getting a bit too loud. After he finished his business I heard the flush and he walked out straight passed the sink. I turned the volume back up and sighed with relief as I was lucky not to have saw anything.

A women's voice called out and Bryan walked into the kitchen and picked up his left over burger and strawberry milk that he didn't finish for lunch.

"Aren't you going to wash your hands?" I yelled.

He looked at me through the webcam and winked, "Only when I'm in the mood darl."

I gulped down the rising vomit that was in my throat and faked a smile.

I watched him as he took bites of his burger and let out a burp that echoed off the walls. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and licked the sauce that had streaked his skin.

"That was extraordinary!"

I looked away and wondered if I was the only person wasting my time tonight. Our skype calls were usually fun and entertaining unlike this one that had took me by surprise.

"What are you doing tomorrow?" He asked after finishing his milk.

"I'm just going to play basketball and eat a sausage roll," I said with a smile.

Suddenly milk squirted all over the webcam and Bryan swore as he fell off his chair. I yell out his name and he gets up and runs to the tissues near his packet of m&m's. While he wiped the milk off he ate the whole m&m packet contents in one gulp.

"Wow your hungry" I muttered as he reached for the napkin.

"Why do you need a napkin?" I ask him.

"Incase I vomit what I just ate." He answered me with a grin on his face.

"I have good news" he says with a laugh.

I ask him what it is and he walks into his room with the laptop.

"I need to tell you in secret because mum doesn't know" he whispers as he sets the laptop on his bed. I wait and nod as he gets comfy and gets his unicorn pillow pet and huge it tight.

"I'm coming to Australia to find you," he says.

I go speechless and my eyes widen. "Why?"

"I'm running away from Spain because I owe the museum a million dollars after breaking a priceless statue."

I gulp, "Where will you stay?"

"With you of course," he shrugs.

I take a deep breath and try to soften the sudden earthquake in my chest. How was I going to tell him my parents won't approve of him?

I had been talking with Bryan for over a year now, and our conversations had been amazing. But this one had ruined everything.

"Bryan," I mumbled, "You can't do this. My parents would never let you stay."

"But I have to come, I can't refund the tickets."

"You've already bought the tickets?!" I yelled.

"Of course! I'm coming tomorrow morning, see you at 6:00am babe. Hope you can pick me up," he smiled, "Don't want to abandon this pretty face do ya?"

I awkwardly say goodbye and shut the laptop with a slam. I lay on my bed and think about what just happened. Bryan was coming and he was expecting me to let him stay here. But I couldn't, I just couldn't. How can I get him to not come to my house in the first place? I have an idea...

I just won't pick him up.

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