The Journey

17 year old Talia moves to Georgia and is new there. Her mom tells her to go around the neighborhood and introduce herself. She sees a really hot boy named Spencer, she goes up to him and introduces herself. What happens next?


23. my little angel

(talia's P.O.V)

i instantly fluttered my eyes open. thankgod it was just a nightmare. i looked over to my right and spencer was there. i hugged him tightly causing him to wake up. oops.

talia: sorry babe didnt mean to wake you up.

spencer kissed me and said,

spencer: its ok honey, what happened?

talia: i had a really bad nightmare.

spencer: about what?

talia: you broke up with me because you still loved your ex tiffany and you said that i was a fill in.

spencer hugged me tightly then kissed my head.

spencer: talia, i love you. and only you. i would never let you go for tiffany. or anyone else.

talia: i love you so much.

spencer: i love you so much more.

talia: not true.

spencer: yes truth.

i buried my head into his chest and fell asleep again to the sound of his steady heartbeat. Tomorow is monday so he is having his football game. im excited to watch my baby.


(Spencer's P.O.V)

spencer: HEAD AIGHT!

i yelled since i was the quarterback. we all started running and i was paying attention to the football.


i heard her yell. she was too cute. i just smiled and laughed to concentrated on the ball to look for her.


next thing you know i was being carried on top of my teammates cheering me on. i saw talia running down the risers to me. she came hugged me and i kissed her pasionatley. she is a really good kisser.


it was around 7:00 pm so i decided to take her for dinner at Olive Garden her favorite fancy restaurants. i got dressed into a nice black tux and she was wearing a beautiful long red dress. i guess there was something special there because once we arrived, we saw this thingi where the famous people take pictures on the red carpet. so i decided to take pictures with talia so she wont forget this day. i love her so much. everything was perfect, the pics, food, her.


we got home and we sat on the couch together.

(talia's P.O.V)

spencer layed his head on my lap and i ran my fingers through his hair.

talia: thankyou...

spencer: for what baby?

talia: for everything, being the best guy, boyfriend, quarterback, and best friend. also for everyday i spend with you. i loved today too.

spencer looked up at me and smiled, got up then kissed me lightly all over my face. i gigled.

spencer: thankyou talia for being the best friend,girlfriend and person anyone could ask for. i love you.

talia: i love you so much.

i cupped his face and kissed him passionatley. he picked me up to me to his room layed me down got on top of me kissed me harder each time, then started kissing my neck. i let out slight moans, after that you know what happens. ;) (with protection of course)


i woke up, curled up next to spence. nothing on my body besides a white blanket. I stared at my boyfriend while he was sleeping. he looked like an angel. my little angel.

(authors note: ik its short but im tired and i have finals tomorow. sorry.)

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