The Journey

17 year old Talia moves to Georgia and is new there. Her mom tells her to go around the neighborhood and introduce herself. She sees a really hot boy named Spencer, she goes up to him and introduces herself. What happens next?


24. lunch

-spencer's P.O.V-

last night was amazing. i slowly opened my eyes and see my beautiful girlfriend looking at me.

Spencer: goodmorning lovely

talia: goodmorning .

she said with a smile.

spencer: so did you like last night.

i smirked.

talia: ya you were great.

spencer: thanks you were awsome.


talia and i got dressed went to the bus stop into school and now we are at lunch.

Cameron: aye yo Whiteman, i wanna talk to you fo a bit.

Spencer: who the hell do you think your talking to.

i said as i put my burger down and turned his way. Cameron are one of those boys who think they are all that and tuff and shit. but he isnt anything. he took a step closer and said,

Cameron: You.

i imediatley got up. and walked towards him.

Spencer: if you are trying to talk to me. then i dont think thats the right way.

Cameron: How about this...

he punched me in the face, and i punched him back. Talia came running up to me and pushed me back,

talia: he isnt worth it baby. she whisperehed in my ear.

Cameron: your going to let your little slut pull you back?

he said with a smirk.

Spencer: Dont you dare call her a slut you bastard.

i got out of talia's grip and grabbed his shirt,

spencer: dont ever, EVER say that again disgusting beast.

i was about to punch him again but talia pushed me out of the way and punched him herself. her hand was in alot of pain, a tear rolled down her cheek. i took her to a chair and sat her down.

talia: im sorry.

she said to me. while cameron left slowly out of the cafeteria.

spencer: its ok honey, im sorry. is your hand ok?

talia: it really hurts.

spencer: you shouldnt have done that babe. i said sweetley.

talia: i wanted to. he hurt you...

i kissed her forehead and she blushed then grabbed my face with her other hand and placed her soft lips onto mine.

backround: awwhhhhhhhhh

random kid in backround: GET IT IN!

i felt her smile in the kiss.

spencer: i think we should take you to the doctor 'bout that.

talia: ya... i cant really feel my arm.

(A/N: sorry its short. but what will happen to talia's hand?

will she need surgery?

will she need a cast?

will she loose alot of blood somehow?

will she risk her life in the ER room?

who knows? i do. youll find out in the next chapter.


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