The Journey

17 year old Talia moves to Georgia and is new there. Her mom tells her to go around the neighborhood and introduce herself. She sees a really hot boy named Spencer, she goes up to him and introduces herself. What happens next?


9. Language Arts

I said it loud and clear and with a smile. The room was silent. So I just said "Yep Talia T-a-l-i-a thats me..... the new girl" I pointed at myself and spun around.

(Spencer's P.O.V)

Talia was called to introduce herself infront of the whole class and she did. I was impressed with the confidence she had up there. The whole time she was smiling and so was I watching her. Once she got up there, the room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Then she repeated herself but in a different order of words and spun.

"Well arent you gorgeus." a boy said

"Nicholas!" the teacher yelled before Talia could respond. But when he said that she smiled and when the teacher started yelling her eyes opened wide and looked straight into mine with an oh-god-she-scared-me look. I laughed so hard trying not to laugh when Nicholas got in trouble. But in my head I felt like saying back off to him.

(Talia's P.O.V)

In the sudden silence a boy named Nicholas called me gorgeus after I finished talking. I smiled and before I could respond the teacher was already yelling at him. I honestly dont even see the promblem. 'She must be high haha' I thought to myself. Nicholas had dark blonde mohaked hair and outstanding blue eyes. When I smiled after Nick said that to me I saw alittle bit of sadness in Spencer's face. I felt bad.

I passed Nickolas and said


"I speak the truth" he said with a big smile on his face. Then I went to my seat. "How was I up there?"

Spencer chukled and said "great". The teacher wrote her name on the board, she had long ginger hair with brown eyes. Her name was Lidya Wilson we called her Mrs.Wilson. Next, she told us to open our book to page 206 and read the story provided, "Love at First Sight" when Spencer and I opened the book to that page, we both looked at eachothers eyes, locked contact, and smiled at the same time.

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