The Journey

17 year old Talia moves to Georgia and is new there. Her mom tells her to go around the neighborhood and introduce herself. She sees a really hot boy named Spencer, she goes up to him and introduces herself. What happens next?


19. helping day

(Spencer's P.O.V)

my eyes instanlty opened. i was smelling bacon! Talia was still asleep. i didnt want to wake her up so i layed back down pulled her closer and kissed the top of her head, it smelled really good. She smiled and her beautiful green eyes opened. She ran her hand through the back of my hair.

spencer: goodmorning beautiful.

talia: goodmorning handsome.

spencer: i smell bacon.

talia: really!? how come you didnt go downstairs?

spencer: i didnt want to leave the most beautiful girl in this bed alone. with out me.

talia: awh your so sweet.

she pecked my nose with a kiss.

talia: i usually wake up to the smell of bacon. hmmm. i must've been to tired.

spencer: do you want to go eat?

talia: ya, lets get fat.

she chuckled.

spencer: race you there.

talia: your on.

spencer: alright, on your mark, get set... go!

we dashed off. down the stairs and into the big kitchen. it was a tie. -_-

spencer: ill get you next time.

talia: sure you will. youre just lucky i woke up now or else i wouldve won.

spencer: nuh uh.

talia: ya huh.

talia's mom: you guys are acting like five year olds.

we all laughed.

(talia's P.O.V)

ma set out breakfast for us. it was bacon, pancakes and egg. yummy. it was really good.

talia: thanks ma love you.

spencer: its great mrs.bass

talia's mom: spencer honey just call me cheryl. {i forgot her actuall name so now its cheryl}

i laughed while looking down.

spencer: ok.


Talia: What restaurant should we buy the food from?

Spencer: how about, wait can it be fast food?

talia: ya i just want to give them him or her some type of food to fill up their belly's for the rest of the day.

spencer: ok so we can get, mcdonalds. like a big mac, salad, large soft drink, large fries. and i think that would be enough right?

talia: ya definetly.

we packed spencer's car with the foldable table and chairs.


we got the food and are looking for a homeless person. now not just anyone from the streets because they might be a con-artist. i looked very carefully at each homeless person i saw until i found this lady probably in her late 40's with a dog by the side.

talia: spencer, her.

i pointed to the lady.

spencer: ok lets go to her.


talia: hi im talia. i saw you here and i felt really bad that you dont get any food or drinks. so my boyfriend spencer and i had the idea to buy you a meal.

lady: oh, thankyou so much.

she grabbed my hand and kissed it. i smiled at her.

talia: may i ask whats your name?

lady: margret and this is clide.

she said while pointing to the dog beside her.

talia: well margret and clide, you will be getting mcdonalds for lunch today.

i walked over to spencer and whisperehed in his ear...

talia(whispering): im so happy we can help her out.

spencer(whispering back): im happy that your happy.

i gave him a kiss and wraped on of my arms around his neck touching his soft hair while the other was holding the foldable table. his arm around my waist while the other was holding the chairs.

talia: ok lets go give her the food. oh and im giving part of my meal to the dog.

spencer: no its ok ill give him a piece.

talia: no babe its ok.

spencer: fine then im sharing with you. i dont want you to stay hungry.

talia: ok i love you.

spencer: i love you too.

we set up the table and three chairs.

(Spencer's P.O.V)

I watched Talia introduce herself to the homeless lady. I think her name was margret from what i overheard. As i watched i just fell inlove with Talia more than i was before. I loved how she aslo thought about others. how she is so kind to others, and how she wanted to help. We set up the stuff.

spencer: hi im spencer.

i shook her hands while sitting down.

margret: hello im margret. guys thankyou so much. clide and i are very thankful.

she had a tear in her eye and it rolled down her cheek.

talia gave most of her food to the dog sitting next to margret. clide was very emaciated. you could tell he was starving. Talia had a nice, long conversation with margret.


we said goodbye to them, paked the car and left.

talia: thankyou.

spencer: for what babe?

talia: for helping me with this idea.

she laid her head on my shoulder. i intertwined our fingers together.

talia: i feel so proud of us. we helped a person in need.

spencer: well im proud of you mostly. you were the one who came up with this. your amazing.

talia: i love you.

she kissed my cheek.

spencer: i love you too. hey are you coming to my football game this monday?

talia: i wouldnt miss it for the world.

i smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

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