The Journey

17 year old Talia moves to Georgia and is new there. Her mom tells her to go around the neighborhood and introduce herself. She sees a really hot boy named Spencer, she goes up to him and introduces herself. What happens next?


4. Georgia

Out of no where, I wake up to a clapping noise. The passangers where aplauding for the captain because of his landing.

We finally got home, I was so tired but I had to help unpack. After my mom and I got half the house done, we took a break.

"Why dont you take a walk around the neighborhood and introduce yourself to people. Make new friends." mom suggested.

"It wont be fun but ok"

I got my longboard and just skated around the neighborhood. Then I saw this really cute boy across the street, so I went up to him and introduced myself. He had brown short hair, beautiful green eyes and in the middle it was a little bit of blue, perfect body shape...he was all perfect.

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