Our love story


1. When We First Met

It was the start of hunting season, and the crisp cold air touched my lips. In the distance I lay eyes on a buck with a 10 point rack. As I drew my bow back I felt like I was bein watched. Shakin that feelin I realesed the arrow and watched the buck drop. And out of no where I hear that's my kinda girl. That deep country voice was so warmin and spin tinglin that I suddenly seemed to have goose bumps all over my body. As I slowly turned arould I notice that country man decked out in camoflouge with a neon orange hat. He ran up to me and gave me a smile, a pat on the back, and then slowly pulled me in for a hug. As we walked through the woods to get my "trophy buck" he told me about how he has been lookin for a girl like me. "I've been lookin for a good 'ol country cutie that knows how to use a gun and isnt afriad to get dirty." he said while lookin at me. As we walked he hesintently slipped his hand into mine.

We arrived to were the buck was lyin dead and all I could do is smile. He reached down and yanked out my arrow, he wiped it off with his gloves, then handed it to me. I put it back in my holder. As I bent down to tie the deer's legs together. He bent down and asked if I needed help. "Yea, do you think you can carrie him for me?" I asked. "Sure sweety anything you need."

As we walked through the woods back to my camp he looked at me "I don't mean to bother you but I don't no your name." "I am Cheyenne but I go by Chey. And I dont mean to be rude but I dont know your name either." "I am Thomas but most people call me Luke." And the conversation continued. About half way there I feel him slip his hand back into mine gradually. He kept the conversation flowing and kept me smilin as well. No matter what was happenin around us he seemed to focus in on me.

We finally arrived to my camp and he slowly and released my hand. As he put the deer down he looked at me "Do you no how to clean a buck?" "Not really sure how to. Do you think you can show me?" "Sure I can Chey. What's better than spendin the day with a country cutie like you." "Thanks Luke well if it is alright I am gonna go clean up and get ready for dinner." As I walked toward the camper he picked up the deer and hung him in the tree by his hind legs. And as I closed the door I slowly turned around to see him in already startin to clean the deer.

When I finally finished cleanin up and just startin dinner I hear a knock at the door. "Come in Luke" I said as I started seasoning the meat. He walked in covered in deer blood and looks at me with that goofy grin of his. "Is there a place I can clean up?" "The bathroom is right through that door."

Just as I finished dinner Luke was comin into the room. "Man does it smell good in here, or what?" "Thanks Luke." We sat down at the table and begain to eat. He took a bite of the deer steak and looked at me with a surprised look on his face. "Where did you learn how to cook like this?" "My nana and mom taught me how to prepare the sides. My papa taught me how to grill." "Well they taught you well." "Thanks." We continued to talk and eat, and when we both were finished he picked up our plates and put them in the sink. I walked over to the livin room and made his bed. When his bed was made and the dishes were done he layed down on his bed and turned on the TV and watched some football. I layed down beside him and watched with him Georgia VS. Florida. This is the game that we have both been waitin for. As the night went on and the game about was endin I was gettin up to go lay in my bed. He rolled over "Goodnight Chey. Sweetdreams." "Goodnight Luke. They will be." He sat up kissed my cheek then laid down and went to sleep.

The next mornin I woke up to the smell of eggs bacon and homemade biscuits. I slowly sat up and looked at my phone, it was only 7:30am. I got up and walked out to the kitchen to see Luke cookin. "Goodmornin beautiful." "Mornin Luke.You didnt have to make breakfast." "I know I wanted to though." He made his and my plate sat them at the table and fixed both of us a cup of coffee. As we sat and ate breakfast he looked at me and smiled. "You look so beautiful Chey." "Awww thanks Luke. You are a very good cook to." "Thanks Chey." He cleaned the kitchen as I got ready to run into town. I walked out in regular jeans boots and a Guy Harvey shirt. "Luke do you want to come to town with me?" "Yeah let me throw a shirt on." As we walked out the door I grabbed my purse and truck keys. He opened my door and closed it when I got in. He got in and we were off. 

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