What Matters

Anto met a not-so-normal gorgeous boy a year ago on a train. Jack Harries. Now, he shows up and is not alone. They need her help. The 2 boys and 2 girls must travel halfway around the world and look for the price of their lives. Will she be able to find what matters most? Or will they all die in the end?

Im terribly bad at this, but please give it a chance?


15. Texting

Finnn: hey anto! meet me in the lobby in 30. Dress fancy 😉

anto: finny! im sorry, cant be seen with just antbody you know? Got a reputation😏

Finnn: c'mon! Ill do my best, i promise. get ready to be amazed 😎

Anto: you wearing those superman boxers again, huh?

Finnn; oh man. You're not letting that go, are ya? Ant it was spiderman btw

Anto: no chance 😉 now leave me alone! Perfection takes time.

Finnn: keey, just remember.. Fancy. You have to look good or they wont let us in

Finnn: not that you dont look good everyday, you're very pretty

Finnn: i mean, you know. And i like the way you drees

Finnn: oh god, just come please?

Anto: Shut up, ill see you in a few.

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