What Matters

Anto met a not-so-normal gorgeous boy a year ago on a train. Jack Harries. Now, he shows up and is not alone. They need her help. The 2 boys and 2 girls must travel halfway around the world and look for the price of their lives. Will she be able to find what matters most? Or will they all die in the end?

Im terribly bad at this, but please give it a chance?


16. Fancy dinner

When i got out of the elevator, Finn was standing next to the hotel's door wearing a tux. With a bow tie, nothing less. He looked so handsome, his light skin making contrast with his dark suit. When our eyes met, i blushed a bit. The short red dress i had on with 5-inches high heels made me look even taller and sophisticated. Light make up completed my look, and i was grateful for putting it on when his eyes traveled up and down my body appreciatively.

I smiled shyly -hi- he opened his mouth trying to say something but nothing came out. -i know, i know. Now close your mouth so we can get going- he smiled and nodded -you look good- taking his arm when he offered, we walked outside and got a cab. The ride was short and awkward, to say the least. Finn seemed kind of nervous, and when we got out i turned to look at him. -hey, i don't want to make a scene in front of this fancy restaurant but you're being weird. Its just me, ok? Ignore the dress and imagine I'm wearing sweats or something- he blushed. -yeah, I'm sorry. Come on, ill make it up to ya-

after that everything went smoothly. We ate and laughed through the meal. Lobsters are not easy to open, so mine flew a few inches away from my plate and i ended up with lettuce in my hair. I guess we wouldn't be received in this restaurant again, but it was worth it. We danced. He was just so easy to talk to.

We decided to walk home but when my heels started to murder my feet i gave up. -i cant! Leave me to die here!- i dropped to the floor and sat agains a wall. -wasn't it your idea to walk home? Come here, give me your shoes and ill give you a piggyback ride- he kneeled next to me and extended his hand. -isn't it weird? We've only been in the hotel 2 weeks and we call it home- i said giving him my shoes and standing up. -yeah, but they say that home is were the heart is- we smiled at each other and i jumped to get to his back. -deep aren't we? I thinks thats the wine talking- i giggled against his neck. - hey hey hey, i had one glass!- he defended himself. i held on tighter, my legs wrapped around his waist (my dress went up my thighs, but he wasn't looking and there wasn't anyone around) -run home without falling over and ill believe you. Maybe- his hands grabbed my legs and he chuckled. -oh, you asked for it!-

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