What Matters

Anto met a not-so-normal gorgeous boy a year ago on a train. Jack Harries. Now, he shows up and is not alone. They need her help. The 2 boys and 2 girls must travel halfway around the world and look for the price of their lives. Will she be able to find what matters most? Or will they all die in the end?

Im terribly bad at this, but please give it a chance?


22. Charming

At 5 everything was ready. Food on platers, drinks in plastic cups, movies waiting, pillows all over the floor. The only thing missing was a well dressed host, since both Finn and i where still in pyjamas. We even had some buzz to get things going! I dont drink, but the guys are over 19 and well.. -ill go get Dani and Jack, k? Back in a sec- he nodded and went to get dressed.

My room was just as i left it. I was really quite and they didn't hear me walk in, but i saw Jack on his side saying something in Dani's ear that made her giggle. -hello there!- i yelled and Dani got away from him so fast, she fell out of the bed. -ooow! Antooo!!- i couldn't see her anymore because of where she was and because i was laughing so hard i could barely stand straight. She's the most easily-cared person ever! If that makes any sense. Jack laughed too and laid on his back putting his hands behind his head. - hello there Anto. You just scared the bloody hell out of Dani so i guess movie night is ready?- that guy was impossible to embarrass. I would have to try harder. -yeah, go get ready. We'll be there in 10- Dani growled something at me that i didn't quite catch.

After he left, we got ready and locked our room. Nothing fancy, obviously, but comfortable and pretty. Caspar came out and joined us in the hall. -girls! I must say you look quite nice tonight- he said with mocking seriousness. -why, yes. we do, don't we? You look fine yourself- Dani rolled her eyes at me. Whatever, she didn't get it. -shall we go in? I hear that the party will be quite delightful- he offered his elbow to me and stood to his full hight. Hmm. Is he taller than the twins? I think so. -always so charming Caspar, thank you. Please lead the way- i replied taking it. I had missed this boy, the one that made jokes and was fun to be around.

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