What Matters

Anto met a not-so-normal gorgeous boy a year ago on a train. Jack Harries. Now, he shows up and is not alone. They need her help. The 2 boys and 2 girls must travel halfway around the world and look for the price of their lives. Will she be able to find what matters most? Or will they all die in the end?

Im terribly bad at this, but please give it a chance?


3. Answers

Inside their suit everything was covered in candy wrappers. It was clearly a fancy room, because of the big beds and great view, but they didn't care about it. Two super big couches with a flat Tv screen, video games and a small table took most of the space. And the boys where barefoot, so I guess they liked the feel of the carpet under their feet. Jack number two, laughed quietly. -thats my very-handsome identical twin. Anto meet Finn, Finny meet Anto- he said pointing at us with a hand when he said our names.-nice to meet you- said Finn.

Apparently my twin theory wasn't far from the truth. Although they had some little differences; Finn was an inch taller, more quiet and a bit self-conscious. He looked more reserved and his eyes weren't as expressive as his twin's. While Jack was loud and confident and kind of arrogant. -sure, nice to meet you too- I told him taking his outstretched hand. - but now I would love to know why Im going to Toronto- I asked sitting in one of the big comfy sofas. They looked at each other "should I tell her? Or should you? No, I tell her!" The started yelling at each other at the same time and pushing. "Mom!" Yelled Jack and Finn bursted out laughing.

My god, they where like little kids! -guys!- they just kept on going and I was about to stand up and leave when Finn got himself together and talked -sorry, yeah ahm..remember Jack robbed a bank? They guy we stole from found us, ahm, found you.. And wants something from us- he was speaking quite fast and moved his hands nervously, so I just stared still confused. -come again?- Jack having now gained some self-control took over - we have one month to find this ring for the guy we stole from an if we don't..- he moved a finger horizontally across his neck to represent death. -he saw us talking on the train last year and tracked you down. Thats the only way he got a hold on us, you know? We're hard to catch- Finn started laughing again. -that sounds terrible mate, I would believe it- death. They were talking about dying.

is it normal to loose conscience? I hope it is or I have a very serious problem..

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