Into The World of Naruto!


1. Into the world..

Into the world of Naruto~   Chapter 1~   Everything was dark. Pitch dark. Not a light. Not a sound. Not a smell. But I could feel. I could feel myself walking. Who was I? I don't remember. Everything was a blur. My name? I don't know it. Everything hurts. My head. Why can't I stop walking? Why does everything hurt? Why can't I remember? Why? Why? Why!       But. Just now. I can see it. Light up ahead. It's jut barely visible but I can see it. Unless I'm going crazy. That wouldn't be surprising. No wait. It's getting bigger. A lot bigger. Am I running? Yes, I can feel myself running. Closer,closer. The light is almost here. Think. Think. Why can't I remember. Everything is getting foggier. The pain, its going away. I feel light. Everything feels, nice. Calm. Almost everything is light now. I think I'm smiling. But I still can't remember. It's okay. I can feel it will be okay. All the darkness is gone. All the pain is gone. Everything, stopped. Then. It all became dark again.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   "Iruka-sensei. Is-is she.." Voices. There were people. How many? "No Naruto. She's alive. Just passed out." Why was everything red? Why?! Oh, my eyes are closed. I opened my eyes. "She's awake!" I sat up. There was no pain anymore. But there were two people. A boy and a man. "Whe-Where am I?" I coughed out. My throat was raspy. It didn't hurt luckily. But it was dry. "Your in Kohona." I must have made an odd face because he responded with, "You don't know where that is?" I shook my head. "I'm afraid not. I-I don't remember anything." I stuttered out. "It's okay. We'll take you back. You'll be safe. I promise." I nodded and the man took my hand, helping me up. "What do you remember?" The boy asked. He had bright yellow hair that stuck up in all directions. On his face he had something that looked like whiskers. "I-I  know I'm a girl. name.." I held my head. It started to pulse and it hurt, bad. "Naruto." The man scolded gently. "C'mon lets get you to a medical nin. " We started walking back towards the village. It appears I was in the forest, why?     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   The medical nin, whatever that was, healed my few bruises. I was dehydrated it turns out, so they fixed that. The cold water did feel good on my dry throat. Currently I was waiting for Iruka and the boy Naruto. They were bringing a man called Hokage? I don't know. Just then the door opened and Iruka, Naruto and an old man wearing odd clothes came into my room. I sat up on the bed, it didn't really hurt but I was slightly sore. "Don't strain yourself!" Iruka's worried voice called out. "Don't worry Iruka-sensei, it doesn't hurt." I smiled, draping my feet over the edge of the bed. "Oh Iruka-Sensei! I remembered something!" Remembering my newest discovery in my very little remembrance. "What is it?" He asked with a curt nod. "My name. My name's Wakahisa Rei. But that's all I can remember." Iruka smiled. "That's just fine Rei. Anyways, I brought the Hokage." The old man wearing the weird clothing walked up to me. "Hello child. I've already talked to Iruka about everything. I would like to have an Anbu check your memories to see if we can find anything. I've also arranged that you will be staying in the village and attend the academy. You will be staying with a well trusted ninja. Hatake Kakashi. That is all." He smiled and left the room. "What's an, Anbu?" My head tilted sideways and the realization that the Hokage had said, ninja, hit me. "Wait. Ninja?" Iruka-sensei half smiled. "I'll inform you of everything after the Anbu gets here. Okay?" I nodded. Another person opened the door. I drifted off into my thoughts as the Anbu did what ever Anbu do. Hehe.       "Rei? Hello~" Naruto's voice rang out. "Huh? Oh sorry Naruto." He smiled and looked at Iruka. "It's like your memories are gone. They don't exist. Very odd." Iruka trailed off. A felt a long of disappointment, I wasn't expecting much but still, to know that I have no memories, it kinda hurt. Naruto noticed this. "Hey Rei?" I looked over at the boy. He gave a thumbs up. "It'll be alright! Believe it!"   A huge grin appeared on my face. "I'll be your first friend, got it?" I nodded. "Sure thing Naruto!"  I returned his thumbs up and all three of us started laughing. He was right. Everything would just alright.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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