Adelaide is best friends with the guys from Emblem3. Her and Keaton have been best friends for a few years now; but to them it feels like forever. To Drew; Adelaide is like a daughter to him. To Keaton; she's the best friend he'll never let go. To Wesley; she's the girl he wants as his girlfriend. Little does he know, Adelaide has the same feelings for him as he does for her.


4. Two

Adelaide's POV


I woke up to my phone beeping over and over again. I sat up and grabbed my phone from my nightstand. Keaton was blowing up my phone by texting me.



'Koolaid, pick up your damn phone!'


'Are you aliiiiiiiive?! Common answer me!'

'Hurry up! I gotta tell you something!'


'Addie, Addie, Addie, Addie, Addie, Addie, Addie!!!'

'Wake ya ass up!'

'I'll cry.'



I laughed, reading his texts as they kept coming then quickly texted him back;


'What is it, Kitten?'


He replied, telling me to come to his house. I sighed and got out of bed. I got dressed in a tank top that said 'Dope' and red skinny jeans. I put on sneakers a little gold chain. I curled my hair and but on a red beanie. I went to the bathroom and did my makeup, which was just a little black eyeliner and mascara then put on my hipster glasses and brushed my teeth. I grabbed my phone and walked to Keaton's house.


Before I could knock on the door it opened and Keaton pulled me in.


"So what is so important that I had to wake my ass up and come here?" I giggled, referring to his text.


"So I asked Drew and Wesley if you could come with us," Keaton said, "and they told me to ask management." 


"And what did they say?" I asked, getting a bit nervous.


"Your going on tour with us!" Keaton yelled and hugged me.


"Yaaaay!" I hugged him back.


"I'll tell Drew, and you tell Wesley. Wesley is in his room." Keaton told me and skipped off happily. I shook my head and walked up to Wesley's room and knocked on his door. No answer. I knocked again. Still no answer. I opened the door and he was asleep. I went over and poked his arm. He barely moved.


"Wesleeeey." I shook him a little. Did I mention he was a heavy sleeper? I sat down next to him and shook him really hard. He just groaned and flung his hand at me, telling me to go away. I took off my sneakers and sat on him. "WESLEY TRENT STROMBERG!" I yelled.


"Whaaaat?" He whined.


"Get up!" I yelled, popping the p, "I have a surprise for you?"


"What is it?" He smirked, still keeping his eyes closed.


"Stop being dirty and get up!" I yelled. 


"Your sitting on me and saying you have surprise for me, how can I not make that dirty?" He laughed.


"Get the fuck up!" I shook him again. He opened his eyes and sat up, making our faces not even an inch apart.


"Yes, dear?" He laughed.


"Guess what?" I smiled.


"What?" He asked.


"I'm going on tour with you guys!" I smiled even wider.


"Really?" He asked, with a smile.


"Mmhmm." I smiled.


"That's great!" Wesley smiled.


"Now get dressed and come downstairs." I said and hopped off of him, grabbed my sneakers, and walked to Drew and Keaton, leaving my sneakers by the door.


"Addie! There you are!" Drew yelled when he saw me. He picked me up and hugged me real tight.


"Yes, here I am." I giggled.


"Your really going on tour with us?" Drew asked.


"That's what Keaton told me." I shrugged as Wesley walked in.


"You'll make our tour ten million times better." Wesley smiled.


"Aw, thanks." I returned the smile. Then the sound of the doorbell rang through the house. Drew put me down and walked to the door, followed by Wesley, Keaton, and I. I stood on my toes trying to see over Drew. Wesley laughed and picked me up, like Drew did.


"Is this Adelaide?" A lady in a suit asked.


"Yeah, that's her." Keaton nodded, "She's the lady I talked to yesterday." Keaton told us. We wall moved aside so she could get in and Wesley set me down.


"Alright, Adelaide. You'll be sharing the tour bus with the boys. When they're not traveling, you all can decide whose sharing a hotel room with who and what not." She paused, "You'll need to be ready by Tuesday of next week. Now is this all okay with your parent or guardian."


"Yeah." I lied.


"Alright, I'll see the four of you in a week." She nodded and left.


"Yay!" Keaton yelled.


"We should do something to celebrate." Drew said.


"Like what?" Wesley asked.


"We should make spaghetti!" I yelled and they started singing their song 'Spaghetti'. 



Hello, cutie pies!

So here's the second chapter!

Hope you guys like it!


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