The Best Kind Of Friends {Ouran High School Host Club}

When Hachiko Sasaki moves in with her Grandmother, after her rich parents sent her away, she attends Ouran. Where she then gets in debt to the host club while also being mistaken as a boy shortly after Haruhi. *read it to find out what happens next!*


3. Chapter 3

Haichi's Pov.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I walked side by side with Haruhi and we talked about the school. Like how we both hated the dresses and thought this school was really weird. When we arrived at the class Haruhi walked to her seat and I to the teacher. "Oh hello! You must be our new student? Hachiko Sasaki?" He asked. I nodded happily. "Great! You can introduce yourself to the class." He replied and got the classes attention, "Settle down students, i'd like you to welcome our newest student at Ouran and to room 1-A, Hachiko Sasaki." All the students looked up at me and I smiled widely, "Hello!" Everyone gave a warm smile. Well I'm glad no one her is rude! "You can sit next to..uh..Mr.Hitachiin.."The teacher said sounding confused but tried to cover it up. I looked at the class and I recived various glares by most of the girls. I sighed well nevermind I guess every class ihas rude people. In the back was Hikaru sitting alone, looking quite bored. "Oh you mean Hikaru? Okay!" I smiled and walked through the Aisle past some shocked faces and to an even more shocked Hikaru. "Well hello again!" I said cheerfully while grabbing my notebook and pencil out of my bag. He seemed to snap out of his trance. "Oh hey.." He said cooly. The teacher started talking about math. I got bored beings I hate math and started to doodle in my notebook. Before I knew it the bell rang and I closed my book and put it away. When I looked up most the students had left besides the twins and Haruhi. I stood up and walked over to them. "So what now?" I asked while tilting my head ever so slightly. "Time for host club of course." Kaoru stated. "Cool! I can't wait!" I smiled excited. "Haichi you really are odd.." Haruhi laughed agreeing with the twins from the other day. I just giggled and we walked to music room 3.


I stared in awe as tons of girls in poofy yellow dresses flooded the room. 'Wow I didn't realize there would be so many people..' I smiled as a few walked over to my table. Ealier Kyoya said I should entertain a few girls so they can get to know me and ask about the other hosts. The girls sat down, four of them to be exact. One had golden hair that was put into a neat braid. The others all had brown hair. But one had a bun, one had a ponytail and the last one had hers down and it was wavy. The last girl had pretty curly red hair and electic green eyes. Pony tail spoke first. "So your the new girl?" She asked confused. "Yep! My names Hachiko Sasaki. I moved here from america." They all oo'ed. I heard laughing and looked over my shoulder. An girl was there laughing. She had Long beautiful blonde hair that just past her shoulders and it was perfectly straight. Her eyes were a deep blue and were amazing. But there was an evil hint in her laugh. She walked over to my table and I could hear her higgh heels click against the floor. "What's so amazing about being from america? I mean no offence but i'm from France! Just like Tamaki~!" She said snotty and her accent barely present but it was there. As the polite being I am i answered. "Theres really nothing special. It's just interesting to some people that they get to meet people from other countries!" I said with a smile. She scoffed rudely. "Well theres certainly nothing interesting about you. You look like an average girl. You almost look like a boy." She sneered. "Yeah pretty much!" I said in a happy tone but the words stung, not that I would let her she that. She looked at me shocked but regained herself. "I mean your just ugly trash..they pay no attention to you at all." She said referencing to the other hosts who were fawning over an embarresed looking Haruhi. I just chuckled but the other girls spoke up. "Yeah..don't you get jealous or upset that they pay all their attention to Haruhi?" They asked honestly, not at all like miss prissy pants. Chuckling again I replied, "Actually no, not really. You see I grew up without any attention at all really." I began my story and a few more girls crowded around. Hikaru and Kaoru were leaning against a pilar still looking at the Haruhi crowd but were withing earshot. "You see, i'm the middle child of seven kids. The three youngest are all girls and musical prodigies, they are also amazingly gifted at ballet. The eldest are boys. They are super smart and complete artists. My oldest brother had actually owned one of my parents companies..." I said starting to trail off. The girls all looked said and one of them spoke up, ponytail again i think, "What do you mean had?" I looked up with a sad look." Two years ago Kenjii, thats my brothers name, was in a terrible accident.." "What happened!?!?" A few of them asked. "Well he was walking me home from getting icecream when out of nowhere these guys came out with guns and..." I stopped starting to choke up. The girls looked like they were about to cry but an annoying voice spoke up. "Wow. What a good actor..and not to mention LIAR."She glared at me with a smirk. I looked up at her. "What do you mean? I'm not lieing.." I stated plainly.
She laughed fake. "Yeah? Prove it." I felt uncomfrtable. She looked at me with a big smirk on her face. "See guys what did i tell you she's such a fake and a li-" "Thats enough." A voice spoke up. Mori-senpai walked up. 'Wow he spoke..' "Yes I'm afraid the host club is closing early." Kyoya said agitated. Ms. Prissy scoffed. "Whatever, lets go." All the girls stood up and followed her. "WAIT!" I shouted at them. They all looked at me suprised and Ms. Prissy glared at me. I slowy lifted my shirt up, revealing a gunshot scar on my abdomen. Everyone gasped and I sighed. Well today sure could have gone better.


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