Morgan and her best friend karlie get a surprise by Morgans dad that leads them to meeting onedirection! They get invited to a party! What happens from there? Read and find out!!


1. The beginning

     Morgans pov***

         "Morgan your dad's home!" Screamed my mom. I jump up off my bed and started to run down stairs, I haven't seen my dad in almost a year because he is in the military, I jumped straight into his arms and didn't let go until he told me he got me a surprise. I let go and smiled "what is it?" I said "close your eyes" my dad said. So I did when I opened I my eyes in front of my face were two tickets to a one direction concert and meet and greet! I screamed and hugged my dad once more with tears in my eyes thankful that he is home and about one direction! The concert and meet and greet is on June 11th and today is June 5th. Right away I called my best friend karlie to tell her the news. I told her an all I heard was a scream and then a tumble because she dropped the phone, I started to laugh. "What why are you laughing, you better not be joking with me!" Said karlie " no, no I'm not joking! It's just you're reaction that made my laugh!" I said. We eventually hung up the phone after we talked all about it. Karlie and I are both 17 but karlie is still older she about to be 18. I started packing my bag because it is an overnight trip the concert is in Tennessee. I heard the doorbell ring so I stopped packing and went down stairs to answer it and karlie was at the door. "What are you doing here?" I asked "to talk about the trip more duhhh!" She said. I saw in her right hand that she had a huge red suit case. "Karlie, you know we are only staying for one night right?"I said. "Yea I know this is only my clothes don't worry." She said "what do you mean only?" I asked her confusedly. She pulled out a miniature suitcase that was a little bigger than my own "this one is for my make up and hair!" She said excited "of course" I said jokingly. She came in and we went up stairs "wait karlie why did you bring your stuff with you here?" I asked "so we can figure out what we are going to wear!" She said. "oh ok so what are you going to wear?" I asked her. Even though I still don't know what I'm going to wear. "My hot pink strapless top with my new hollister shorts and my vans! What about you?" Karlie asked "uhh I don't know yet help me!" I said. "What do you mean you don't know yet the concert is in two days!!" She said. "I don't know I couldn't find anything!" I said. We looked all through my closet but didn't find anything so we drove to the mall and looked for a couple hours. I finally found something I'm wearing a strapless short turquoise dress with gold sequence on it. 
That night karlie slept over and we stayed up all night reading fan fiction and listening to music. I'm assuming she going to sleep over tonight too because we have to get up early to leave for Tennessee. "Oh yea karlie there one thing I forgot to tell you the tickets are front row seats!"I said excitedly. She nearly fainted. Neither one of us has met or been to a one direction concert yet. "Omg I cant wait! Ahhhh which ones first meet and greet or concert?" Karlie asked "the meet and greet is at 4:00pm-5:00pm and the concert starts at 7 and ends at 10pm" I told her. "Ahhhh ok I can't wait!" She squealed " I know right me neither! so the plan is that we are leaving in the morning at 8:00 and it takes 7 hours to get there so we will arrive at 3:00pm and walk around downtown until 5:00pm!" I said. "Yay! A lot of numbers but I think I got it!" Said karlie. "Ugh you're such a blonde!" I said 
The next morning we woke up at 6:30am and started getting ready. Karlie put on her strapless hot pink top with her hollister short and shoes on. I put on my dress and curled my hair but there was on thing I forgot shoes! I went to my moms room and look through her closet until  I found the shiny golden  shoes we I did I slipped them on to my feet then I pick up at gold necklace with a diamond on it. 
It was finally 8:00 and my dad drove us to Tennessee and gave us each $200 spending money and then $100 for the hotel. He dropped us off and then he left to go home till tomorrow night. We walked around for an hour then got in line for the meet and greet. We are the tenth people in line because we came a little early. "Omg omg omg I can't breath I'm so nervous!" I said squishing karlies hand. "I know me neither!" She yelped. We heard the British voice when we were about fifth in line and we both screamed. Finally we were inside. I saw Harry's eyes for the first time in person and I melted inside. We walked up to the table where they were sitting "hello beautiful" Harry said to me. I blushed and said "he he heyy" he giggled and said "where are you from love?" 
"Georgia" I replied. By that time I had lost karlie she's probably down the table talking to niall. Harry slipped a piece of paper in my hand and wink at me. I was completely speechless. I walked out slowly and grabbed karlies arm and walked outside and started to head to the hotel. I didn't say a word the whole time. We checked in and paid. Our room number was 317. We went up the elevator with our luggage. I'm surprised she hasn't notice that I've been silent the whole time she was to busy talking about how her eyes met nialls eyes and it was true love at first sight. We opened the door to our room. There was two rooms each one had its own bed. It was basically a mini apartment. "Wait Morgan you haven't said one word! What happened between you and Harry!!?" She said "Well he gave me a piece of paper but I haven't looked at it yet" I answered "what!?! Where is it!" She screamed. I pulled it out of my back pocket and read it out loud "hey beautiful text me at 555-6429 - xx Harry" I fell backwards on to the bed. "Ahhhhh text him now Morgan it's freaking Harry styles number!!" I pulled out my iPhone and put in the number

Me-"Hey it's the girl from the meet and greet, Morgan :)"
       A minute later he texted back 
Harry- "hey beautiful I'm having a party after the concert and I was wondering if you would want to come and you're friend can come to Liam would love that ;)" 
  Me- " we would love to!"
      I told karlie what he said and she jumped up and down screaming "karlie we are in a hotel stop!" I laughed " ok ok I'm sorry!" 
The time came where it was about time for the concert we got ready again and left at 6:00 even tough it starts at 7 we had to get there early. We bought a rental car for the two days. We arrive at the concert and a lot of people were already there we scooted our way to the front. A bell rang and we gave our tickets to the ticket person and ran to the front row seats everyone was screaming "one direction, one direction, one direction!" All five British boys came out on stage and the screaming it 100 times louder. They sang  all night until 10:00. Karlie and I drove back to the hotel and I texted Harry about what time the party started and he said at 11:00 until whenever. 
 We fixed our hair and makeup again. We left for the party. When we arrived it was kinda a small get together according to one direction there were about 100 people here. We walked inside and I searched for Harry and found him and karlie totally forgot about Niall "so where is Liam" she said "he's in the back let's go" Harry said. We went out back and there was a fire but u four were the only ones out there "so how old are you ladies" asked Liam. "We are both 17 but I'm going to be 18 in 5 days" said karlie "lovely" said Liam. Harry stood up and grabbed my hand and said "let's leave these two alone" karlie giggled and Liam scooted closer to her. Harry and I went inside and danced 
     Karlies pov***
     Liam and I sat outback alone. As Liam scooted closer to me I blushed he grabbed my hand and said "come inside with me" he pulled me inside and led me to a bed room we walked  in and shut the door. We sat on the bed and he looked at me and I looked back at him. He slowly started kissing me and took off my strapless shirt while I unbuttoned his white long sleeve polo shirt. He laid me down on the bed and kissed me more. We finished taking off our cloths. Liam started kissing my neck and I moaned. "Liam I can't I'm a virgin" I said "it's okay I'll go easy" he said smiling. He slowly started and I screamed from the pain but he shushed me and the pain slowly turned into pleasure "li li liamm" I moaned. He kept going and he was amazing. I moaned once more and we both layer beside each other out of breath "that was amazing" said Liam. I smiled and turned over to kiss him and we cuddled. After I got up and put my clothes back on and so did he. "I better go see what Morgans doing" I said "I'll follow no telling what Harry's got her to do" Liam said jokingly. We turned the corner and Morgan and Harry were sitting on the couch while Morgans head was on his chest. 
           Morgans pov****
    I lifted up my head from Harry's chest when I saw karlie and Liam walk in karlie looked at me and smiled and I automatically knew what she did. I smiled back at her and kind of laughed "what's so funny" said Liam "nothingggg" I replied "so Morgan do you think it will be okay if karlies stay with me for tonight?" Asked Liam "yea sure as long as she wants to it's not up to me." I said. Karlie smiles and noddd her head yes. The two of them walked away to get a drink. "Do you think that I can go home with you?" Asked Harry smiling "as long as you want to." I said also smiling "let's go" he said. Harry drove me to the hotel and we both got out and headed to my room we sat down on the bed. "Wow nice room" he said "yea I know haha" I said laughing.

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