Morgan and her best friend karlie get a surprise by Morgans dad that leads them to meeting onedirection! They get invited to a party! What happens from there? Read and find out!!


2. dirty hotel

While Harry and I sat down on the bed he leaned in and kissed me. I ran my fingers through his think brown curls. He laid me down on the bed and unzipped my dress. I let him and I took off his shirt. Damn, he is sexy. We took off our clothes and he slowly grinded on me. I tried to hide the pain but I couldn't I screamed "what's wrong?" asked Harry "I'm sorry it's just that I'm a virgin" I told him "it's alright the pain will be gone soon" he said. He continued and he was right the pain was gone. It was the best feeling ever. A moan escaped me mouth and I said "keep going Harryyy" he got faster and faster. Pleasure. He slowed down and we both were breathing heavily. He stopped and kissed my neck and got farther down to my breast then to my stomach he got even farther and the pleasure was back. I moaned as he kept going "ohh Harry" he hit my sweet spot. He stopped and kiss me again. His sweet soft lips. He laid down beside me while we both were smiling. Then we cuddled and fell asleep.

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