A Fake 1D

Selena always wanted to be in the popular crowd but when she tries to fit in she finds out that the only way she can do that is find some sort of celebrity that will come to the middle semester prom and get them to somehow gets them to notice the already popular group . But what happens when she hires a fake 1D?


1. The Popular Group

Selena's POV

'I would do anything to be in the popular group.' I say

 'I know right.' Jessica sighs

'Hey Losers, Heard you saying you want to be in the popular group, I know it won't happen but just want to say if you do want to then you have to get a celebrity like JB, or 1D to perform at our semester prom and get them to talk to us, and I'll think about it. Says Sophia the leader of the popular group and walks away.

'Like that will happen. Jessica says

'Actually I might know how to do that' I say.

And we walk to class before we're late

Hey Guys, This is my first chapter of my first movellas and please read it and don't think that its a horrible fan fic and please favorite it and show it to your friends. Thx

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