A Fake 1D

Selena always wanted to be in the popular crowd but when she tries to fit in she finds out that the only way she can do that is find some sort of celebrity that will come to the middle semester prom and get them to somehow gets them to notice the already popular group . But what happens when she hires a fake 1D?


5. Prom Night

Tonights the night!!

The first halve of the prom is perfect and the second halve is almost as great as the first halve if I hadn't been worrying the whole time that something  would go wrong.

Finally its the last few minutes of the prom which means its time for the boys to perform.

It went great!!! There singing was perfect and their British accents were great and I might be in the popular group soon and my reputation will be what I dreamed of.

'OMG Selena you got 1D to perform at our prom and got them to give us their autographs and they didn't even give them to anyone else and they talked to us. You might even actually get a chance of being in the popular group'

As soon as they walked of we were supposed to leave.

'Told you it work, now we might actually get into the popular group and I met the most amazing guy ever which is Sam'

'Ok ok ok you're a genius, now lets get going its late'



Hi, just telling you I'm planning on writing at least one chapter a day so if I write like 2 chapters that might mean I won't write one the next day. Remember to like and comment on what you think about this story so far cause next I'm planning for something not expected. Please tell some of your friends about this story.



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