A Fake 1D

Selena always wanted to be in the popular crowd but when she tries to fit in she finds out that the only way she can do that is find some sort of celebrity that will come to the middle semester prom and get them to somehow gets them to notice the already popular group . But what happens when she hires a fake 1D?


7. Harry Styles

The story of my life I take her home I drive all night to keep her warm and time is fro...


'Hi Selena'



'Why are you calling at like.. 6:00 in the morning'

Couldn't sleep'


We talked until 7:30 and that's when he told me that he wanted to become a thing even through me and Sam were a thing. After I told him that he practically begged me to give him a shot because I told him it wasn't official yet. So now I'm supposed to go to Harry's house for dinner at 6:00.

Harrys POV

We had lots of fun and she said she might think about it.

(The next evening)

Ding Dong

'Hi Harry'

'Hi Ashley come in'


'Come on Harry its getting late'


Of course we slept in one bed you know what comes next....

Selena's POV




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