A Fake 1D

Selena always wanted to be in the popular crowd but when she tries to fit in she finds out that the only way she can do that is find some sort of celebrity that will come to the middle semester prom and get them to somehow gets them to notice the already popular group . But what happens when she hires a fake 1D?


3. A Secret

Its been 6 days since my mom has posted the newspaper ad and so far all the auditions were not so good but today we found them. Sam as Niall, James as Zayn, Nathan as Louis, Max as Liam and David as Harry. And turns out they have met 1D so they could just make a copy of their autograph and they are not bad of a dancer or a singer. And I might be falling for Sam .

Jessicas POV

We're practicing with the boys and I can see that Selena is not that focused and has that dreamy look in her eye that she looks like when she has a crush but who? I notice shes looking at Sam

'You are looking at Sam aren't you?'

She looks at me and blushes

'You can't blame me can you, just the way he dances and sings makes me feel like I'm melting'

Sam's POV

'Ok lets have a 10 minute break while me and Jessica talk about something'

'Hey Zayn can I talk to you about something'


Well you see... how do I explain... ummm well maybe I kinda like... Selena

'Uh huh'

'What do you mean Uh huh'

'Well its kind of noticeable'


'Wanna talk to her'

'Uhh sure'

Me and James  go to their room and we hear them talking about me

'I don't even know if he is going to like me back'

'Besides I'm only going to if Sam ask me first or just...make the first move

'I guess I can't make you but I'm just going to tell you...YOU SHOULD

I walked back to our room deep in thought about what I just heard.

Could it really be possible that Selena had a crush on me?



Thanks for everyone that read my first two chapters on the first day it came out and please leave some comments of what you think so far and how I could improve it







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