Payne Brings Pain: On Hold

Hi my name is Demi Lovato. My parents died 8months ago and I live with my brother,Brian Lovato, and cousin, Niall Horan. One day I was walking home and my friend Harry Styles was knocked out and I was taken. I soon found out it was someone who I use to know. -Read to find out what happens next and who took Demi.-


29. Chapter 27

Liam's P.O.V.

I woke with a beautiful girl next to me asleep. I wish I could wake like this every morning. I wish she could see how much I love her. I sighed and kissed her head. She grunted and turned over. I got up and walked over to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and stripped. I looked into the mirror and saw someone who was not good enough for that girl. I shook my head and hopped into the shower. Over five years ago was the accident. Ni and the others blamed me. It wasn't my fault. It just happened. That day still haunts me.



I walked towards Demi's summer home. I had balloons, chocolate, and few words. I opened the door and saw her. With Ryker, a boy who talks behind her back about her. They had their tongues down each others throats. Tears well-up into my eyes and I slammed the door. I ran down the street and made a sharp turn. I took a quick glance behind me to see Demi close behind. I ran into the woods. She followed behind. I picked up speed, trying to escape. She must surely know that she wont catch me. I'm in track. She can barely out-run a squirrel. I turned back and that was a mistake. I smacked my head onto a branch and flipped. She squealed, tumbling onto me.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

"Me? I should ask you that." She said.

I shrugged and pushed her off me. I stood and brushed myself off. She looked up at me and raised a brow. I shrugged.

"I don't wanna walk." She said in a baby voice.

 I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around neck. She started to play with my long locks of hair. I smiled and started to run back to my house. When we got there we ran into my room. She grabbed her batman pjs and ran to the restroom as I changed in my room. We walked out and into the living room. I got the popcorn, candy, and drinks. She got the blankets, pillows, and chose the movies. I smiled as she put on Batman Begins. I set down everything as we got on our couch and cuddled up. This is how it should be. But it's not.


The movie ended and Demi was half way asleep. I nudged her cheek with my nose. Her eyes popped open and she stretched.

"Li, can I tell you something?" She asked.

"Yeah go ahead." I said

"Me and Ryker... are sorta...Dating." She said.

I froze and shook my head.

"What?" She asked.

"I can't believe you can't see it."


"That I'm in love you. Not just a best friend love you. I'm IN love with you!" I screamed

She looked taken back and ran out the door. I chased after her. As a car was coming she ran into the rode. It happened all so fast. I ran into the road and there she was. A bleeding forehead, bloody nose, and black eyes. I fell to my knees and held her for dear life. I ran to the side of the rode with her in my arms. I called an ambulance. After the call all I saw was black. The last thing I re-call was being put into a ambulance with Demi and me having a huge gash across my head.


I turned off the shower and grabbed a towel. I walked into the bedroom and changed. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed some crisps. I sat on the bed. I shoved some into my mouth and set the bag down. I nudged my nose against her cheek. She giggled and turned over.

"Leave me alone." She whined.

I chuckled and brought my hands to her cheeks.

"Is that Demi angry?" I asked in a baby voice and squished her cheeks.

She tried to giggle but couldn't. I smiled and let go of her cheeks.

"I like this side of you. Like the old you. Not dark Liam." She said.

"Do you remember the accident?" I asked.

"Yeah. I also remember you passing out when you saw the blood." She burst out laughing.

My mouth was left opened as she laughed. She remembered everything. My mouth suddenly turned into a wide grin. I picked her up and spun her around. I kissed her lips and smiled.

"You remember!" I whispered.

She nodded.

"You know my favorite memory is from when we first met." She said.

"Oh yeah I remember making a fool of myself." I said.

"It wasn't that bad." She said.


I walked into my new school in California. I'm only going to the school for 3ears. I'm only going to be here for my middle school years. I walked in and looked at my schedule and locker number. I saw a beautiful girl standing beside it. I walked over and got a closer look. She was even more beautiful up close. She smiled when she saw me and walked up to me.

"Hi. I'm Demi. You must be Liam?" She asked.

"Uh...Ummm...Oh yeah! Yeah I'm Liam." I said.

She got closer to my face.

"You're not from around here are you?" She asked, "You sound like you are from the U.K.?"

"Umm... Yeah. I'm from Wolverhampton." I said.

She got closer. I stepped backwards. This gone on until I turned and tripped on my own feet. I fell face first to the ground. She gasped and helped me up.

"I'm sorry." She said, "I made you fall and now you nose and lip are bleeding."

I touched my fingers to the top of my lip. I brought them down and looked at them. Sure enough there was blood on my fingers and my nose was gushing blood. I shrugged and smiled. She brought me to the nurse's office.

She giggled and cuddled up to me. I turned on the tv and closed my eyes.


Demi's P.O.V.

Yes I remember everything. I closed my eyes and fell asleep on my babe.


Anonymous' P.O.V.

I will have her. She was mine. At least in my mind she is, and always will be. I just need to get her from Liam.

"It's done. We have people all over the hotel." He said.

"Thank you. Now all we have to do is wait." I said.

They won't even see it coming. I smirked to myself.



A/N Hey guys. Looks like a new character. Or is it? You'll find out sooner of later. I'll give you a hint. They are not new.


P.S. I'm sorry for the short chapter.


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