Payne Brings Pain: On Hold

Hi my name is Demi Lovato. My parents died 8months ago and I live with my brother,Brian Lovato, and cousin, Niall Horan. One day I was walking home and my friend Harry Styles was knocked out and I was taken. I soon found out it was someone who I use to know. -Read to find out what happens next and who took Demi.-


17. Chapter 16

Demi's P.O.V.

It's been about a year and a half since I've moved back London. I can remember almost all their faces. I smiled at my entire blue hair that was parted. I went over to my huge new wardrobe and pulled out a short blue dress with a black belt. I put on my black and blue heels. Over the year Simon Cowell said he wanted me to go and run the X-Factor with him. I of course said yes. I was on my way to the show. I still live with Jason, Emily, and Sammy. Me and Jason have said its better for us to be just friends. Me, Selena, Miley, Justin, and Angelina are still best friends. I met Angelina when she was assigned as my make-up artist. Her full name is Angelina Hope Bowen. She was in the dressing room with me.

"Here let me fix your dress then finish your make-up." She smiled as I nodded.

She fixed my dress then finished my make-up.

I smiled and hugged her. She hugged back.

We walked out and I took my seat. This was my second season. Simon came out and sat next to me. He smiled and I returned it.

"So Demi, there are a lot of young strapping boys this year." He said and I sighed.

He always does this. He's like my father who wants me to be happy and signs me up for blind dates.

"I told you Simon I'm fine." I said and he sighed.

He left it alone and the contestants came out. One caught my eye. A boy who looked about my age. I sighed and looked at Simon. He was listening to the girl very closely. She had a beautiful voice. I smiled and knew what I was going to say. She finished and looked at all of us.

"That was absolutely gorgeous. I loved it." I said smiling. She smiled back and thanked me. The judges gave the rest of their opinion. Over all she got 3 yeses. Then the boy came up.

"Hello what's your name?" I asked smiling as I did.

"Harry Styles." His voice rang.

I looked up no it's not my Harry. I smiled and nodded.

"What will you be singing?" I asked and he looked at me and sighed in embarrassment.

"Isn't she lovely." He said.

I nodded. He ended the song and sounded like an angel. I smiled and looked at Simon. We did the same. He got all yes. Then time passed and I heard another familiar name.

"Zayn Malik." He said. We all nodded and he started Let Me Love You. He was so great. He got all yes and went on his way. Then another name.

"Niall Horan." He said.

This time I knew it was him. My baby Niall. He sang So Sick Of Love Songs. He got yes then left. And another name.

"Louis Tomlinson." He said.

He sang Hey There Delilah. He got yes then left. Then after a couple another name. And I didn't like the sound of it.

"Liam Payne." He said.

I didn't look like I used to. Thank God. He sang Cry Me A River. I have to admit he has a beautiful voice. We sent him through and I sighed. We finished and I went to find one of them. I saw Louis with El making stupid jokes. I walked over and smiled.

"Louis Tomlinson. Guess I should have known I'd see you one day." I said.

He turned and looked confused. I looked at El and smiled.

"Hiya El Bell." I said.

She smiled and looked up and down. She winked and hugged me. I hugged back.

"Mr. Tomlinson. Please don't tell me you forgot Ms. Lovato." El said in a teasing tone.

Louis' eyes got big and he hugged me. I hugged back and smiled as we pulled back. He kissed the top of my head. I smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Bye Lou. See you next time. Tell the boys I said hi." I said.

I walked off and climbed into my car. I ran upstairs and changed into much more comfortable clothes. I changed into my grey sweats and black shirt. I sighed and laid out on my bed. I am so bored. Hmm. I got up and decided to watch the show with Emily. She likes to record it and get me to watch with her.

"Oh. I love her hair!" Em squealed looking at the girl with several colors in her hair.

"Yeah. But Jason would never let me do it to yours." I said.

She giggled and turned back to the tv. Harry came on and her jaw dropped.

"You had to see them today?" She asked stressing 'them'.

I nodded and sighed. She sighed also and turned back. We finished the show and she had fallen asleep. I giggled and laid her all the way down. I have to skip town tomorrow. The show. I sighed and got up. I packed my bag and got on my bed. Simon texted me and told me that he has already bought the plane tickets. I smiled. This man. I texted back a simple thank you and turned on the tv. I turned it to Modern Family. I'm watching the episode where Haley finally got her driving license. I was laughing when my door opened.

"Great show tonight." He said.

"Thank you Jason." I smiled.

He smiled and walked in. He kissed the top of my head and laid on my bed. I just noticed he was in pjs. Then the girls came in. They were in pjs also. He smiled and Sam cuddled up to me. Emily got behind her and wrapped her arms around Sam so her arms were also on me. Jason wrapped his arms around me. He pulled all of us close to him.

"What's going on with all the love?" I asked.

"Well your leaving tomorrow and we're going to miss you. So tomorrow before your plane leaves we're taking you to all your favorite places and sleeping in here tonight." Jason explained.

I smiled and put my head back on Jason's chest and wrapped my arms around Sammy and Emily. Jason came a little closer so our bodies were touching. His chin rested on my head, my head at the very top of his chest, my back pressed against the rest of his torso, and our legs tangled. I smiled and kissed Sammy's head. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

A/N. Hey guys. I'm sorry for the short chapter. I'm also sorry for not updating for a while. I have been busy with school and all. I'm sorry. I'll try and update more than I do now. I'm so sorry. Bye hope you like it.

So the boys are back into her life. Even the one she can't stand. Wonder how that's going to work.

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