Payne Brings Pain: On Hold

Hi my name is Demi Lovato. My parents died 8months ago and I live with my brother,Brian Lovato, and cousin, Niall Horan. One day I was walking home and my friend Harry Styles was knocked out and I was taken. I soon found out it was someone who I use to know. -Read to find out what happens next and who took Demi.-


1. Chapter 1

Demi's P.O.V.

As I walked through school I get the same old same old treatment. Being called names. I would just keep walking with my mouth shut. Oh. My name is Demi. I am in 12th grade. I get bullied every day by my classmates. I don't even know why they do, they just do. I don't even look like a nerd. I don't even act like a nerd. I sighed when I heard the normal words being screamed. I opened my locker and got my books. I went to class and sat in the very back. I sat and got out my pencil. I sat there and went over my notes. I finished looking over my notes and the teacher walked in. He began explaining. I just looked out the window away from the world. Both of my parents died a little less than last year. The school always let me by because of it. I only have my brother, Brian. He treats me like his daughter. He said that mum and dad were in a car wreck, but I know what happened. They were out on a walk when a man came out and shot them both, stole their stuff, then ran. The cops caught the man. The teacher assigned us our work and left us to do it. I have some friends. Their names are Eleanor, Carly, Perrie, Ariana, Harry, Louis, Zayn, Danielle, and Parker. We all hang out all the time. We have almost all the same classes. I'm in class with Parker right now.

"Want to work together?" He asked.

"Yes." I said and smiled.

I have a small crush on the boy from America. He sat in the seat beside mine.

"So how do you want to start the project?" He asked.

"What project?" I asked.

He laughed and rolled his eyes playfully.

"The assignment. You know write about your favorite thing, person, or animal." He said.

My lips made an 'O' shape. He laughed and kissed my head.

"Your a very silly girl." He said.

I smiled and nodded.

"So what do you want to do? I mean I just wanted to tell you. I saw you zoned out." He laughed.

I thought for a second.

"My cousin Niall." I said and smiled.

He nodded and smiled.

"Okay. Then think of the stuff he likes. What he looks like. Anything about him really." He said.

I nodded. I got a lot to write then. I started to write it. When class finally ended I walked to lunch with my friends. Parker playfully shoved me when we walked out. I shoved him back. He grabbed me and spun me around. This is why I like him. He makes me feel happy when I'm sad, but that's more of a brotherly thing. So I like him as a brother? Hmmm.I guess I just like him as a brother. Oh well. He put me down and kissed my head. We turned and started to walk. I knocked into someone.

"Oh my god. I'm sorry. Let me help you."

"It's fine, love." An Irish accent said.

I looked up and saw Niall.

"Ni!" I screamed.

"Demi!" He screamed. 

We hugged each other.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Your brother said you missed me.  So, I moved back to give you company. I'm in school with you now." He said.

I hugged him again. I kissed his cheek and let go. Yes I'm from Mullingar. I used to live with Niall. We are best friends. When my parents died he came and comforted me. He has more of an accent since BOTH of his parents are from Ireland. Only my mom is. I looked at him and smiled. "Niall this is Parker. Parker this is Niall." I said.

They never met because my parents died in the summer break.

"So this is the famous Niall." Parker said looking at Niall smiling.

"And this is the famous Parker." Niall said with a smile.

We walked to lunch.

"So Niall, have any lady friends?" I asked with a wink walking down the hall.

Parker started to laugh. Niall blushed and shook his head. I giggled and hugged him.

"It's okay. I don't have a man friend." I said and pouted.

Parker started to laugh harder. Niall snickered. I smacked both of their arms hard. 

"OW!" They both said.

"That really hurt, Demi." Niall whined.

I giggled again. We went into the cafeteria. I sat with the girls. Ariana was giggling. I looked at Dani and saw her face covered in cola. I started to laugh. Dani hit my arm.

"Who's this?" Dani asked looking at Niall.

"This is my cousin Niall." I said and smiled.

Niall smiled. He's always been shy of my friends. He did a little wave and sat with me. He started to eat. I just then got a text. I looked down. It was from Dani.-He's cute.- I looked at her and laughed. I shook my head. Niall looked up from his sandwich to me. He scrunched his eyebrows in confusion. I shook my head.

"Niall this is Ariana, Carly, Dani, Zayn, Harry, Louis, Eleanor, and Perrie." I said and smiled.

"Hi." He said quietly.

"Come on man this is high school! Be loud!" Lou yelled.

Niall chuckled.

"See! I told you Demi! I can make anyone laugh!" Lou said.

I started to laugh really hard. Niall laughed at my red face. Louis smirked and let out a chuckle. Dani looked at me. She rolled her eyes and went back to eating. She really is a pig. But I can't complain because I am too.

"How's Brian?" Niall asked.

"He's fine. He misses Greg." I said.

Niall nodded.

"Hey, Niall do you like Football?(soccer)" Zayn asked.

Niall's eyes got wide.

"Are you kidding me? I love Football!" Niall screamed.

Zayn smiled and nodded. The boys started to talk about soccer. Us girls started to talk about some new music.

*Time Skip*

"Harry!" I whined. We are all at my house beside a fire and I wanted him to sing.

"No!" He said.

I pouted and gave him puppy dog eyes.

"Fine. Which one?"

 "Don't let me go!" I screamed. 


Don't let me go
"Now you were standing there
Right in front of me
I hold on scared and harder to breath
All of a sudden these lights are blinding me
I never noticed how bight they would be 
I saw in the corner there is a photograph 
No doubt in my mind it's a picture of you
It lies there alone on its bed of broken glass
This bed was never made for two
I'll keep my eyes wide open 
I'll keep my arms wide open
Don't let me
Don't let me
Don't let me go
Cause I'm tired of feeling alone
Don't let me
Don't let me go 
Cause I'm feeling alone
I promised one day that I'll bring you back a star
I caught one and it burned a hole in my hand oh
Seems like these days I watch you from afar
Just trying to make you understand
I'll keep my eyes wide open
Don't let me
Don't let me
Don't let me go
Cause I'm tired of feeling alone
Don't let me 
Don't let me go
Don't let me 
Don't let me
Don't let me go
Cause I'm tired of feeling alone
Don't let me 
Don't let me 
Don't let me go
Cause I'm tired of feeling alone
Don't let me
Don't let me go
Cause I'm tired of sleeping alone"
I smiled big and hugged him. He rolled his eyes.

"You know you love me." I said.

He nodded and kissed my cheek. I smiled.

"Oh Niall how bout you sing Summer Love!" I said.

He nodded. 

Summer Love
Can't believe you're packing your bags
Trying so hard not cry
Had the best time
Now it's the worst time 
But we have to say goodbye 
Don't promise that you're gonna write 
Don't promise that you'll call
Just promise that you won't forget we had it all
Cause you were mine for the summer
Now we know it's nearly over
Feels like snow in September 
But I will always remember
You were my summer love
You always be my summer love
Wish that we could
Be alone now
We could find some place to hide
Make the last time
Just like the first time
Push the button and rewind
Don't say the words that's on your lips 
Don't look at me that way
Just promise you'll remember when the tide is grey
Cause you were mine for the summer
Now we know it's nearly over
Feels like snow in September 
But I always will remember
You were my summer love
You always will be my summer love
So please don't make this any harder
We can't take this any further 
And I know there's nothing that I wanna change, change
Cause you were mine for the summer
Now we know it's nearly over
Feels like snow in September 
But I always will remember 
You were my summer love
You always will be my summer love 
You always will be my summer love
You always will be my summer love"
He finished the last strum on his guitar. I smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Come here." Niall said.

I cuddled into my cousin. He smiled. Brian came out.

"I'm home from work. Hey guys." Brian said.

"Hey Brian." Niall said.

"Niall!" Brian screamed Niall got up and walked over.

I groaned and laid my head on Harry's lap. Harry brushed his fingers through my hair massaging my scalp. I closed my eyes. Niall came over and picked my legs up. He laid them across his lap. I opened one eye and smiled at him. He smiled back. I closed my eye again. I looked up and saw Harry looking down at me smiling. I smiled back. I got up and stretched. I sat back down and cuddled into Niall. Harry let Ariana cuddle into him. Zayn let Perrie. Louis let Eleanor. Parker let Carly. I smiled and fell asleep. Glad today was Friday. I finally fell asleep on Niall.

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