Tempted - Niall Horan Fanfic

There's just something about that boy that drives me crazy...


6. Worst Time of Our Lives .


*Olivia's POV*
I woke up in a dark room .

"Tried to escape? You're not going anywhere."


"What the fuck do you want?" I was disgusted.

"You. I needed to get to Niall."

"Why not just kidnap me? I would've led you right to Niall. Why did you have to drag Juliet into this? You over think things, you know that right?"

"In order for you to lead me to Niall i had to take Juliet so Niall and you would come. It's not just him who i want to kill."

"Why do you want to kill me?"

"Simple. For entertainment."

"You make me sick. What did you do to Niall? Where is he? You little son of a bitch raped my best friend. You pig."

"So you saw? Niall is all taken care of. Too weak to even stand up. Poor thing. We did try our best to do a proper job. Who are you going to run to now?"

"Get a proper job you dick."

"Harsh. Yet, I still can't give a shit."

"Why don't you just kill me now?"

"Surrender? Nah. That just seems too easy. Why don't we have a little fun while we're at it? After all, i already did it to Juliet. You're up next cupcake." He bent down and licked my cheek.

"Get off of me asshole. Leave Juliet out of this. Do whatever you want with me but leave Juliet alone. Let her go."

"Oh? How do i know she won't go calling the police? It just seems too easy. I want Niall to beg me to let you both go. That son of a bitch had it coming."

"What did he do to you?" This wasn't making any sense whatsoever. 

"Well now that you ask, he killed my parents. He made them swear not to tell anybody his secret. They did but he ended up killing them anyway."

"That's not true. You're parents are-"

"Alive? Unlikely, im adopted."

"Niall wouldn't do such a thing. You're lying. What do you really want from all of this?"

"He already did it. I want him dead. I've been looking for him all my life. "

"What was the secret." I wanted to know.


"Me?" Was he shitting me? 

"Niall is the very person who is trying to kill you. Your mom never told you about the things you're dad has done, has she?"

"What are you talking about." My mother knew what all this was about. She didn't even bother to tell me. I don't care if she didnt tell me for my safety, i deserve the truth.

"Your dad killed a lot of people before hooking up with your mom. He promised to protect her", he cocked his head to the side and squinted questionably,  "look how that turned out."

"Why is Niall trying to kill me?"

"It's his Job. He wants to protect his family. Your life in exchange for theirs. How ironic because he gave you bullshit on always protecting you. Sorry to be the one informing you but it was all a lie. Since the beginning."

"You're bluffing."

"Am i? I let him go about 20 minutes ago. He ran away from here. Leaving you in my hands."

"Who made it Niall's job to kill me?"

"Someone - i don't know who - is blackmailing him. He has a lot of secrets you know? Someone knows something he wants to keep hidden. He knew they wanted you dead so he proposed to kill you himself."

That couldn't be true. I thought Niall was the good guy. I thought he was here to protect me. He gave me all that bullshit. Now i hear that it was all a lie? "Just kill me now."

"Now, that just takes all the fun away." He frowned

"Do it. Now."

"I don't think so. I'll keep you hostage. I want to see if Niall comes back to rescue you after all. if he doesn't then he's probably already dead. If he does then i'll kill you both."


He grabbed my face and smashed his lips to mine.

I pulled away and spit right in his face. "Touch me one more time and i'll make sure you regret it. Let Juliet go. She won't say anything. I'll make her swear not to say anything."

"That's not going to do any good. I'll keep you both."


He walked towards the door, "Good night cupcake." He winked and closed the door.


*4 months later*


It's been exactly 4 months since my kidnapping. I lay in a worn out gown surrounded by a lot of blood. Scott agreed not to kill me but he never said anything about not torturing me.

Juliet hadn't been touched since that first night. Every time one of Scott's bastard assistants tried laying a hand on Juliet i would freak and attack them.

The blood was mostly mine. I had a black eye, bruises everywhere and im pretty sure my arm was broken. 

Every time Scott would come in and beat me up Juliet would scream and cry. Honestly i hated it too, but i would do anything for Juliet. Even if it means having to put up with Scott.

One of the bastards came in, Demitri. I learned his name the first time he tried doing something to me, I'd rather not say what he was going to do.

He brought a tray of food and 2 glasses of water. That was all we got for an entire day. We couldn't go anywhere, we stayed in the room. The only reason we go out is if Scott is feeling "Generous" enough to let us out to the bathroom or living room. 

"Eat up."

"Get out. I don't want you here."

"You know what, im getting really tired of you. Little bitch, i can kill right now. Stop trying to tempt me. I will do it."

"Then do it asshole."

I had time to find a nail. I sharpened it and it was time to get out of here. I can't stand these bastards anymore. 

He bent down and i swung at him cutting his eye. He screamed and staggered back. I ran to Juliet, untied her and we both ran out the door. Dante walked in and tried grabbing me but i stabbed him.

Scott was out of town. I doubt he was going to be happy about Juliet and I leaving. So i left him a little note. 


I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Bye, bye son of a bitch.

                                                          - Love always, Olivia .


We ran out and kept running until we were at a gas station. Juliet dialed her mom on a pay phone. "Mom!" 

I could here her mo crying and asking if we were okay. 

"Yeah we're okay mom. i need you to pick us up. Now."

Juliet hung up and paced around. "She'll be here in 5 minutes." She said after a while. She didn't want to talk about what happened during those 4 months.

"Juliet, we need to talk about it. I promise i will make them pay for what they did to you. I won't let this go unpunished."

"What about the things they did to you Olivia?! Look at you! You're all bloody and have cuts and bruises everywhere! This is all my fault."

"None of this is your fault. Don't say that. I'd take a bullet for you Juliet. I couldn't stand seeing you hurt. I had to do it. Im f-"

"Don't say you're fine! You're not fine Olivia! How do you think i felt when you were being beaten! I cried, i would do the same thing for you Olivia. Just please don't say you're fine."

I walked to her and hugged her. It was the first time i actually hugged her since i found her in the room minutes after she was raped.

"Im okay. It could have been worse. i could be dead right now."

"Don't joke about that." He arms tightened around me. A car pulled up besides us. Juliet's mom had come along with my mom.

We hopped on but i didn't talk to my mom. I couldn't. She kept the truth from me. She said she would never lie to me. I guess that was a god damn lie. Ironic.

We got home and called the police to inform them that Juliet and I had appeared. The cops showed up 20 minutes later to take our statements. 

We told them everything that happened and that Scott had us in a room for 4 months and that he beat me up every time he got mad.

My mom started crying but i didn't shed a tear. I didn't care. I just wanted Scott gone. I wanted to find Niall and talk to him about everything. I never saw him after i went inside the lighthouse.

The cops left along with Juliet and her mom. Leaving me alone with my mom. I didn't want to talk to her. At least not right now.

"We need to talk." She said after a moment of silence.

"About what? The fact that you lied to me?"

"You need to know the truth. I have a feeling Scott lied to you about it."

"How do i know you're not lying to me now? Was all of it a lie? Huh mom? Did you lie to me about my whole life? How far does this go?"

"I can explain Olivia." She started crying again.

"Save the bullshit for another day mom."




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