Tempted - Niall Horan Fanfic

There's just something about that boy that drives me crazy...


9. The Ugly Truth .


*Niall's POV*

I was on my way to the grocery store when i got an unexpected call from Olivia. She never really called so i headed for her apartment. 

Yes, we weren't dating anymore. We broke up about 2 months after we started going out. She broke up with me because she 'wasn't ready'. I swear sometimes she acted like i was going to rape her.

The minute i thought it, i regretted it. It wasn't her fault, her best friend was raped by Scott. She finished high school and we moved here. Well she and Juliet. Im here strictly to protect her and Juliet. Which is hard sometimes.

Juliet had sneaked into my room a couple of times in the past month. She had been wearing short shorts and a tank top that is way too small for her.

Don't worry, nothing happened. Thankfully. Juliet had walked in on us once, Juliet was on top of me but i was sleeping.

She screamed "What the hell!" and had woken me up. Honestly i didn't care what she thought. I didn't like Juliet that way.

Juliet had told me that she liked me that way. I turned her down but that didn't stop her from flirting with me and i flirted back just to keep things interesting.

The truth is that i still loved Olivia, even if she had broken my heart. Of course i never showed it because i just wasn't that kind of guy.

I arrived at Olivia's apartment 10 minutes later. I had my own key so i let myself in. She was bawling her eyes out on the couch. She was dialing someone, 5 seconds later my phone rings. She turns around and puts the phone down.

I stood still, i tried moving but i couldn't. Something was wrong, her mom maybe. She ran to me and hugged me still crying. "Oh Niall. We need to find my mom." Bingo. "Scott has her. He called and told me to come pay a visit." Shit, Scott.

I quickly wrapped my hands around her. I whispered to her. "Come on, calm down and we'll go looking right away. Stay here and i'll buy tickets to Louisiana. I'll be back."

"He has her. He has her. He has her." Was all she said before fainting.

"Olivia!" Please wake up. I laid her on the couch and listened to her heart. It was fading. No, no. She had to live, she and her mom were going to be okay. I'll make sure of that.

I practice c.p.r on a dummy once, i can do it again. I tried about 3 times until the 4th time, it worked. She choked and lifted her head. 

She opened her beautiful brown eyes and talked "My mom. Please. We have to save her."

"And we will. I promise." I hugged her hard. She was shaking all over so i picked her up and carried her up to her room. I layed her down and covered her up. I was on my way out the door when she murmured something.


"Niall, please stay." She was crying.

"Olivia, i can't. You know what will-"

"Im sorry for breaking up with you! Okay? I said it! There! Just please stay, i need you. I need you bad. Please just climb in and hug me, please." The tears were streaming down frequently now.

I sighed and climbed into the bed. She automatically snuggled up to me and hugged my waist. I slowly wrapped my arms around her curvy body. God, this girl is literally going to b the cause of my death. 

"Im sorry." I finally said. "Im sorry i wasn't good enough for you. I-I'm sorry."

"Why are you sorry? Im the one who ruined things. Niall, i broke up with you because.." She sighed and closed her eyes a second, she opened her eyes and spoke again. "Because one night Juliet and I were at a party and i got drunk. The day after Juliet told me that i had sex with Adam. He was at the party, it was my first time but i knew that wouldn't be forgivable. I kept it from you for a week, then one night i snapped and told myself that if i kept it going, both of us would end up hurt. I didn't want that so i broke up with you. Im so sorry."

I backed away and just sat there looking at, well nothing really. I was just in my own world. Where Olivia hadn't said that and everything was back to how it was. Perfect. 

I heard distanced screaming "Niall! Talk to me please! I am so sorry for what i did. I know i should've told you as soon as i found out. I know it's been like 4 months but i just... Oh, Niall."

"Found out what?" I gave her a questionable look. 

"Niall, im pregnant." She sobbed.

No. This isn't happening. Not to Olivia. I don't care if it's not my baby, i don't care if it's Adam's baby, this couldn't be happening.

"I. I'm sorry. I need to go. I need some alone time. I'll call Juliet and tell he to keep you company. I will sleep over Harry's house and come tomorrow morning with plane tickets to Louisiana."

I got up and walked to the door, "Niall! Please don't leave!"

I couldn't talk. I turned around and looked at her. I turned towards the door and walked out. I called Juliet and explained to her that she needed to keep Olivia company. No questions asked and she hung up. 

After walking for hours around malls, shops, clubs and finally i stepped into a pub. I orders some shots and before i knew it i was drunk. After hours I stumbled out and rammed into someone. 

Olivia. Just great.

"Niall? Are you fucking kidding me? You left me alone for hours just so you can get drunk? I know we're not dating anymore and i know i hurt you but show some fucking sympathy." She spat.

"You're shitting me right?" I slurred, "I need to show some sympathy?" I chuckled. "You slept with Adam! Now you're pregnant! And i'm supposed to show sympathy towards you? You've gotta be shitting me if you think i'll show sympathy towards you."

I've had enough, i pushed her aside and walked, no more like stumbled, away. I wasn't dealing with this. I felt the numbness, i wanted it to stay like this.


*Olivia's POV*

I was on my way to look for Juliet. Either Niall forgot to call her or she was with Niall. The thought made my stomach turn. 

More urently - i needed to look for my mom. I knew Scott wouldn't do anything to her if i'm not there. He's too much of a pussy....

I stumbled upon, Niall . 

We said stuff and he left. 

I was crying in the middle of the sidewalk like a dumbass. I was sad, angry, disappointed. With or without Niall, i was going to find my mom. 

I turned around and hauled a cab. I needed to find my mom, and i was going to. On my way to the airport i stopped by to ask Juliet to come with me....I opened the door with her and Niall on the floor. Having sex.

"Niall. Juliet. Who would've known." I mumbled and ran out. It was too much to handle. I ran for miles trying to get to the airport and i eventually did. I was a wreck my face looked bloated and i looked like fiona from shrek. 

I bought a ticket for Louisiana. I had 5 hours before the flight so after what seemed like an hour procrastinating i built up the courage to go back to the apartment and pack my stuff. 

I rehearsed what i was going to say if Niall and Juliet were still at the apartment. I would simply run in and pack my things quickly and get out. If they tried to "explain" i would simply tell them both to fuck off and then i would walk away.

I got to our apartment and walked right in. The door wasn't even locked. I ran to my room and got my suitcase out. I just stuffed it with random clothing. Basics. Underwear, shirts, shorts, pants. and an extra pair of converse. 

I heard the door open and close i turned around and felt a sharp pain on the side of my neck. 


That's why the door was open.

Scott was here to finish what he started. 

So this is what it felt to die. 




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