Tempted - Niall Horan Fanfic

There's just something about that boy that drives me crazy...


2. He's Trouble.


*Olivia's POV*

The rest of my day played out well. After school i supposed to meet Juliet in the parking lot but when i got there she was not there. I figured she would be late so i just sat in the driver's seat listening to music.

I had music on full blast that i almost didn't see Niall coming up behind me. I hadn't noticed he had a build body, he looked sexy. 

Wait, what am i saying. Olivia remember, he's a total jerk. I got out of the car and waited for him to make his way past everyone to my car.

"Nice car." He said. 

"I'd like to think so. I picked it out myself."

"Well, you have a good taste in cars."

"Thanks. Now about Chemistry. I need you to tell Mr. Mitchell to switch the seating arrangement. I saw the way Lucy Taylor looks at you. Maybe you can switch with her partner. Erick Gardnell. I bet Lucy would like that."

"Why is it that you're trying to get rid of me? Am i that irresistable that you have to get away from me?" 

"What? No! Look Niall, you know i don't want to be you're partner so please tell Mr. Mitchell to switch our seats." I pleaded.

He had closed the space between us, he had to be at least 6 inches taller than me. "How do you know that's what i want?"

"I don't. But that's what I want. You know what? There's no point in arguing with a jerk like you." I turned to my car but Niall caught my wrist and pulled me against him. 

"Now, Love. Im not going to ask Mr. Mitchell to switch our seats.But, will you forgive me?" He gave me puppy dog eyes, eyes that can make a girl melt.

He backed up against the car and stroked my cheek. "You're just too hot to be true." I couldn't move. I wanted him close. I wanted him to touch me the way he was right now. 

"Hey! Get your hands off of her! Olivia, it's been a week since we broke up! Now you think you can just hook up with someone?  You're mine, Angel! If your going to become a slut might as well let me get some action!"

It was Adam.

"Adam. Get the fuck out of here! I broke up with you remember?"

"You know this guy?" Niall whispered in my ear.

"He's my ex boyfriend. Can you get out of here?"


"Hey bitch! Get your little ass over here!" He was drunk. He started walking over to me when Niall stepped in front of me.

"Walk away. Leave her alone." His voice was menacing. "Walk away, now"

As if someone had stabbed him, Adam's eyes widened and then he ran in the other direction.

"Now, if he gives you trouble again, call me. I mean it, call me" And then he was gone.

I was too shocked to speak. Adam was never scared. 

I just hopped into the car and waited for Juliet. What had just happened? 

Juliet opened the door and smiled. "Hey did you have to wait long? I'm sorry i took so long."

"Umm, it's fine Don't sweat it." I had said after regaining my conscious. 

"You look a little, i don't know, scared?"

"Umm, Niall scared off Adam."

"Excuse me? He did what? Adam isn't scared of anyone! What happened?!"

"I was talking with Niall and then Adam came and started saying that if i was going to act like a slut, he had to get some action first. But he was drunk. Niall told him, no, commanded him to walk away."


"Yeah." I hadn't mentioned Niall backing me up against the car and stroking my cheek because i promised no Boys this year. I was going to keep that promise.

"Well, that's enough crazy for one afternoon. Let's get out of here." I automatically started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. We passed Niall and he gave me a knowing nod.

Oh boy. This year isn't going to be at all like i expected.

I drove Juliet home and stayed to do homework. Once we were inside i slid down with my back against the wall. 

"Let's get up to my room and we'll talk."

Ugh. I knew what that meant. She was going to interrogate me.

Once we were in her bedroom she shut the door and said "Okay. Spill, i know you didnt tell me the whole story. What exactly were you and Niall talking about? And why did Adam react that way. I know he didnt just go up to you for no reason and say that stuff."

Time to come clean. 

"Okay. I was asking NIall to tell Mr. Mitchell to switch our Chemistry partners because i didnt want to sit next to him. He said no. Then we were arguing, when i was going to open the door to the car when Niall caught my wrist, pulled me to him and backed me up against the car. He was stroking my cheek when Adam came in. He started yelling and Niall told him to leave and Adam ran the other way." I said it so rapidly that i had to catch my breathe shortly after.

"Woah! Back the train up! He pushed you up against the car?! And was touching you?! I thought you said no boys!" 

I grimaced. "I know Juliet. Im sorry but it wasn't my fault.He had me pinned."

"Ugh. Fine. I have a confession too. Scott Carter asked me out today during Biology. I said yes." She smiled as if asking my permission.

"Omg. Juliet! Scott is perfect! He's so sweet!"

"I know! Omg, we need to find you a boyfriend."

"I don't need one! As long as you two dont make me feel like a third-wheel!"


"Anywho, i gotta go, it's almost 5 and my mom is going to freak if she doesn't see me home by the time she gets home."


On my way to my house i stopped by the grocery store to buy ice cream. Juliet and I are planning to have a movie night. What's a movie night without Ice Cream?

I got home at exactly 5:30. 

"Where have you been? I came home an hour ago."

"I went to the store to get ice cream."

"Okay. How was your first day?"

"Weird. Really weird." 

"Care to elaborate?"

"Not really. I need to finish up homework. After that i'll take a shower and go to bed. Goodnight. Oh wait. Have a great day today?" 

"Yeah. Super."

"Okay. goodnight."

I got to my bedroom and literally threw myself in it. I was so exhausted from what happened today. Niall was, intense. He was hot, and he was hard to figure out.

Ugh. Why him? Why now?

My phone ringed and I found i had a text. 

Are you alright? - N 


I texted back quickly: Im fine.

I regretted it. All of today. I didn't want to fall in love. I was falling. Hard. I couldn't trust myself with him. For god's sakes! I barely knew the guy! How can he make me feel this way?

Doesn't seem like it - N

Just drop it. please. 

I went over to my balcony and watched the stars for the rest of my night. I always came out here to calm myself and remind myself that I would be reunited with my dad soon.

My dad died 2 months ago in a car crash. I cried myself to sleep for a month. Sometimes i still do. 

I couldn't bare it if i lost everyone and everything i loved. I can't fall in love. I wont fall in love. Especially not with Niall Horan.



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