Jane Styles (Direction Daddies book 2)

Harry has a kid. He finds out two years after Niall finds out he has Aryia. Jane is two months older than Aryia. But they are Bffs. And what is Jane's specail talent? None other than singing. Some people ven say she's a chip off the ol' block. But one thimg is for certain: she's not jut another Jane Doe.


2. Two

"Mom! Aryia hid Emmy!" I yelled. I still couldn't find her.

"Two things. One, I didn't take your doll. Two, great new headline! I can see it now. PRIZED DOLL MISSING: Daughter of famous Harry Styles has lost her esteemed doll." Aryia said. She smiled brightly.

"Ugh! Just. Find. EMMY!" I yelled. Aryia smiled as she grabbed Emmy from the couch. I was baffled. Well, not as baffled as Uncle Liam was at an eight year old sleeping with a doll. But still baffled. I smiled, hugging Emmy.

"Finally found Emmy? GOOD! I thought we weren't going to be able to hahe anymore tea parties." Uncle Louis said, walking into the room.

"I call being Queen!" I yelled, running to my room.

"But the crown compliments me!" Louis yelled, running after me.

"So?" I asked, putting the crown on. Right as I was about to fill the teapot with soda, Aryia burst into the room.

"Sorry, Uncle Louis. But I need to borrow Jane. NOW." She spit out. I stood up, Aryia grabbing my arm and pulling me to the clubhouse. Gracie was sitting in a chair.

"Umm... Gracie isn't a member yet." I said. That and, she's only two, but listen to what Aryia says. I learned that the hard way. She tried biting my finger off.

"Emergency meeting surprise! Gracie's being initiated!" Aryia burst out. I smiled. I lifted Gracie up.

"Hey, hows Uncle Zayn?" I asked her. She smiled. I took that as a 'good'. Aryia started talking to fast for me to hear.  But I did hear one thing.

"Hey, who made you president?" I asked, standing up.

"You." She answered, looking skeptical.

"Oh." I said, sitting back down. I suddenly erupted with laughter, Aryia and Gracie joining in.

"I'm hungry." Aryia said. I smiled.

"Your always hungry." I snickered.

"Yeah. That is true. Anyway, I'm bored. And still hungry."

"Then let's make daddy make us something to eat." I said. I lifted Gracie up on to my shoulders, and walked out of the clubhouse, and into the actual house.

"Dad, you you make us three snacks?" I asked, setting Gracie down. She ran off to the playroom.

"Fine." He sighed.

"Aryia, you have to play tea party with me. Since you rudely interrupted my last one." I said, defiantly. Aryia rolled her eyes as I dragged her to my room.

"Fine. But no tutus."

"Au Contraire." I said, stuffing a blue tutu in her face,


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