Best friends wont always be just friends.


5. what to do, what to do

Its been 2 weeks since we did it. My feet have gotten swollen but its probably just from soccer so that doesn't matter. This morning I felt really sick and threw up. Its probably just the stomach bug though. So I stayed home from school today.

Julie: So how are you feeling?

Olivia: Perfectly fine now, but my back is sore.

Julie: You know what these are signs of right?

Olivia: Yes Julie! I know.. Im not what you think I am.

Julie: Well im just saying.. I was just like this 2 years ago before I had Sophie.

Olivia: Okay Julie.. GOODBYE

Julie: Whatever im just trying to help you.

I just curled up in a ball, bawling my eyes out thinking, "what if I am? what will my friends think? what will my family think? and mostly what would Colton think?"

After me and Julies fight.. the doorbell rang. And then I heard someone come up stairs. I was hoping it was mom.. Then my door opened.

Colton: Hey gorgeous.. How are you feeling?

Olivia: Oh hey.. Im better now thanks.

Colton: Don't lie.. Julie told me.

                                                He came over and laid with me.

Olivia: Colton, I don't know what to do.. Do I take a test or wait?

Colton: Babe, I suggest you take a test.. You never know.

Olivia: Okay.. Come to the store with me to get one?

Colton: Okay babe.

I went to CVS and bought a test and took it home.. I took the test

Olivia: Well now we just wait and see.

                                                             * He kisses me*

Colton: No matter what is... i'll still love you.

Olivia: I love you too.

I look at the test and....

Olivia: Omg...

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