Best friends wont always be just friends.


1. And the secrets come out.

There is is boy i like, a lot. His name is Colton. He is my best friend and he has a girlfriend. Her name is Brianna. She isnt really my friend but he wanted us to be for a long time.


In study hall


Colton: Hey Olivia, can i borrow a pencil?

Olivia: Sure

I smiled at him


Colton: gee, has anyone ever told you how pretty your smile is?

Olivia: aww. You really think so?

Colton: of course! I always have.

Olivia: well, aw thanks<3

I ended up smiling even harder

At the end of study hall, i never got my pencil back, but thats okay.

Later that day

Olivia: Colton? Are you okay? You look mad. 

Colton: Olivia, im really mad. I saw Brianna hold hands with Matt and then they ended up kissing.

Olivia: I know how you feel. That happened to me. She'll regret it. You're a great guy! 

Colton: Thanks Olivia. Means a lot for you to say that. I know you didnt really like her. I have to go so i'll just text you later. 

Olivia : Okay. Talk to you later. 

I tried not to freak out but i feel bad but im happy they are done

Later that night


Colton: Hey Olivia :) 

Olivia: Hey! :) 

Colton: Whats up?!

Olivia: Bored, hbu? 

Colton: Same. Im trying to find someone to come over and watch a movie with me.

Olivia: Oh fun. 

I really wanted to say i'll come but he probably didnt want me to. until.

Colton: Olivia, would you like to come over? :)

Olivia: Yeah, Sure :) Let me just get dressed. 

Colton: Okay. See you later beautiful :) 

I started screaming and quickly got dressed

It was 6:30pm when i got to Colton's house. His parents weren't home but thats okay because I always come over when they aren't home.

*Ding Dong*

Colton comes to the door.

Colton: Hey B.. I mean, Hey Liv. Come in!

Olivia: Okay. What movie do you have planned for us tonight? 

Colton: Well, I know you love scary movies so I thought we could watch one together. So i got Paranormal Activity 1-4. Is that okay?

Olivia: Thats perfect!

Colton: Come, sit down next to me like always.

Olivia: Okay. 

He pressed play and something started to play but is wasnt paranormal activity.

He put his arm around me

Olivia: Colt...

Colton: Shh just watch..

He pulled me closer

As i started watching, i noticed it was a tape of pictures of us. Everyone weve ever taken.

Olivia: Colton, this isnt a movie. Its a slideshow of every picture weve ever taken.

Colton: I know. Just watch.

At the end it said : "Now i have an important question to ask"

I looked at him and he smiled then i looked back at the tv. 

It said: "Olivia, you are so gorgeous. Everything about you is perfect. Ive liked you for a while now. I just didnt know how long that wouldve lasted so i didnt end things with Brianna. But now i know. I want to be with you. Olivia, I really like you and i dont know if you feel the same abot me, but, Olivia will you be my girlfriend?<3"

Colton: Will you? 

Olivia: Colton, im so shocked. Ive liked you since we became friends. Yes i'll be your girlfriend!

Colton: Really? Im so surprised!

Olivia: So am i.

He leaned in and pressed his lips on mine. I did it back. We did that twice and then i felt his tongue find its way into my mouth and i just went a long with it. 

Colton: Wow. Ive always wanted to do that. Olivia, I know we just started dating but i love you so much. 

Olivia: Colton, i Love you too. 

Colton: Do you want to watch a movie now?



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